One Night Vol.1 (EXPLICIT)

One Night Volume 1


It’s Andy’s fucking stag do! I’ve been waiting all week for this. In 15 minutes I’m getting out of this shit hole and we’re gonna fuck shit up tonight. I told him, the only good thing about getting married is the stag do, otherwise there’s no real point doing it. I don’t know why he’s even getting married to her either, at least my wife’s got a loose awareness and a tight pussy. More than half the guys I know have had a go on his bird. Right slag.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, she’s got good banter and a great pair of tits, double D’s. If I had to marry again, which would never fucking happen, I guess I’d stick to her. She’s really good at keeping out of my business which is great, no asking where I’ve been, or checking my phone. Really I can do whatever I want, just as long as I pay the bills and eat her when she wants it.

But tonight we’re really gonna show him what he’s gonna miss when she starts to crack that pussy whip. Yes, 6pm, I’m outta here.

On the way out I pass Andy’s stall.

Slap. “You ready for tonight dickhead?” slapping him round the head like I always do. He’s got this really fat bald head I just love the sound it makes when you give it a good slap. Ever since I first met him when we were in sixth form he’s had that blazingly bald head. Is it an infant or an alien, didn’t really matter, something clearly went wrong along the way.

“Yes mate, seriously can’t wait. We’re meeting at The Bull yeah?”

“Yeah, 10pm. Everyone’s gonna be there, waiting to see you make a complete dick of yourself.’

“Fuck off you prick.” Andy punches me in the arm grinning excitedly. He really looks like a deranged baby when he smiles like that with that round fucking head. “And no drugs yeah, Rachel would kill me if she knew I was taking drugs with you again. You know she already doesn’t like you.”

“Whipped already I see. Stop being a little bitch and just be there for 10… and Andy, make sure you shave, everywhere, we all know what you get up to after a few drinks” I wink at him as he flips me the finger.

When I get home the ol’ wifey’s got my dinner all laid out ready for me with a glass of whiskey to start me off right. Ain’t she a doll. Looking at her right now, I don’t know if it’s the excitement for tonight, or that fact she’s wearing that tight skin coloured dress where her nipples poke through just visibly asking for my attention.

“Babe, where are the kids?”

“Upstairs, Jess is giving them a bath, why?”

Fuck the dinner, I’m having her. Or rather she’s having me. I do love my wife. Especially when she’s looking up at me like that, with my cum running down the side of her mouth.

After showering and giving my dick a quick shave, because it definitely makes it look bigger, it’s time to get ready. I’m going to put on the white Armani shirt my wife bought me for my birthday. She’s sweet. With my black trousers and Hugo Boss boots, I’m going to look so good. Not forgetting the Rolex, I bought myself with this month’s pay rise. Oh yeah reminds me, take off the wedding ring. That would have been a right fuck up. I slip the ring into the draw of my bedside table, hopefully they won’t notice the slight tan line on my finger. Nah what am I saying, these bitches don’t care, especially when you’ve got a fat Rolex on your wrist. They get wet at the sight of money, I don’t mind though, I could take a gold digger for the night.

I can hear Jessica putting the kids to bed in the next room. I should probably go check on them. As I open the door to the girl’s room I see Jessica sitting on the side of Holly’s bed, reading them some story about a cat, I think I got it for them, I don’t know. I have two girls Holly and Lucy. We weren’t expecting twins and to be honest, I wasn’t too excited when we got the news there would be two of them. But they really are beautiful girls. Blonde hair, blue eyes, freckled noses, just like their mother. Honestly, they don’t resemble that much of me, yet, but I think that’s just because they’re girls so they should look just like their mother.

“Hey girls, how are my beautiful little mushrooms?” I say tickling each of their bellies as they giggle in that way they always do, like little piglets. I call them mushrooms because I think children are like mushrooms, they look all softy and squishy, but they never stop popping up in great swarms like weeds. Find the wrong one and you could lose your mind, or it’s fatal. But they just like the word, mushroom.

“Daddy! Jess is reading a bed time story to us”

“Oh is she?”, I look down at Jess sitting below me. Her shirt is still damp from giving the girls their bath. The purple lace bra she’s wearing now shows through her see-through blouse. I can see the curve of her breasts rise and fall as she stares up at me with those wide honey coloured eyes and recently moistened lips slightly parted.

“Would you like to stay and read with us, Mr. Bates?” Mr. Bates, uh god.

“I would love to, but it’s really getting late. You girls should be going to sleep now”

“Oh but Dad-“

“No girls, can’t be taking up all of Jessica’s evening now can you?”

As Jessica gives the girls a final hug good night, I follow her into the spare room of the house to collect her things. “We really appreciate all your help with the girls, Jessica.”

“Oh of course, no problem, they’re great girls.” She’s bent slightly over the bed, reaching for her coat on the other side. Her perk little arse up and legs parted.

“No, I really appreciate it” I move into her, running my hand up the inside of her leg while pulling her hair away from her neck. The warmth of her crotch reaches my fingers through her tight jeans.

“Mr. Bates, stop, what about your wife?” She says stop but I can feel her get wetter the more I go, naughty girl. I move my hand to her neck pulling her into me so she can feel how hard she makes me.

“She’s downstairs in the den, she wont hear a thing,” I begin to unbutton her jeans, slipping my finger in the top of underwear.

“Stop!”, I don’t know why she’s pretending like she’s such a good little girl, I can see how hard her nipples are through that see-through, fucking shirt. She jumps up and turns around looking doe-eyed and startled. She’s a pretty good actress. I pin her against the wall and put my hand up her shirt, she exhales deeply. See I knew she loves it. Holding both of her arms above her head by her wrists I put my tongue on her neck and down her chest.

“I’ve gotta go,” I leave her like that as I close the door behind me, leave em wet and wanting. She’s not gonna forget that for a while. I’ve just got to decide when I’m going to fuck her now.

I grab a wad of cash out of the safe, my wallet, as well as a box full of condoms that I always keep handy. I take one out and with a permanent marker dedicate one ‘For the Groom’, he’s gonna love it.

Downstairs the wife’s sitting with a large glass of Merlot watching some show about wives or something. I kiss her on the forehead and tell her I wont be home too late, assuring her that I will be good. I know even she doesn’t believe me. But she smiles and blows a kiss at me, as she drains her glass.

I’m out to The Bull.

To be continued…