NGOs in Himachal Pradesh (carelessly extrapolated below as pan India) work hard and Software Engineers are annoyingly lazy.

“I know you don’t understand what I am talking about… what did you expect out of a heading fool?”

I feel NGOs in India are working hard.

Palampur, Himachal Pradesh :
Standing amidst the NGOs in India, everyday, I meet people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people who are underprivileged.
I never met so many compassionate people in my whole life as I have met in the past month.
Everyone among them has wet pair of eyes that carry the tears of families living in rural areas, who are poverty struck (under BPL), who have limited access to schools and jobs in a mainstream society.
Mainstream society: The kind of society that’s considered the common standard in the dripping wet eyes of founders of our NGOs.

These NGOs play a phenomenal role in providing job opportunities to males of the families who would otherwise go astray with bad drinking habits.

Many children wouldn’t learn if the NGOs don’t co-operate with the Govt. efforts like that of सर्व सिक्षा अभियान of pan India scale.

And last, but not the least, women of the families in India wouldn’t get empowered and confident if it weren’t for these hard working NGOs.

Working hard could act against the cause! Say what??

What I am writing about if all is well and NGOs are slowly and steadily bringing a wave of positive change in India? Well, being a software engineer, I am fundamentally lazy and I don’t like those unnecessary stuff that make a work, hard work.

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I have learnt from the NGOs that education is fundamental to uplifting a society as a whole.

So, what’s fundamental to education? I want to say, it’s telling the right from wrong as far as how the right or wrong would effects the society as a whole, is concerned.

Some people say it’s about the ability to think rationally, scientifically; it’s about science and mathematics. True.

Mathematical Induction theorem, as applied to NGOs dedicated to upliftment of society

As a starting point, we should recognize the truly uplifted segment of the society and be certain that they really are uplifted in general acceptance.

Further, we should pick the ones among those who are great teachers and who can get the momentum of progressive growth substantiated. By following the principle of mathematical induction. (See the image with a ladder.)

I hope NGOs are great mathematicians,
because social upliftment is what NGOs strive for,
education brings social upliftment,
and mathematics establishes rational bent of mind that an educated individual carries with ease on her shoulders. Not that hard a work IMO!
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