How to put thoughts into Action: Principles of Yin and Yang and Yoga

Yoga for Manifestation of Thoughts

According to scientific principles, we know that nature(Physical and Cosmic) favors equilibrium. Whenever there is a misbalance in the physical nature, the cosmic universe also loses balance. Let’s call this induced disturbance.

The concept of cosmic universe could mean differently to different people based on their school of thought. In this text, let me assume that cosmic universe is the universe that can not be sensed with our five senses, and call this writing a work of fiction!

There is always a tussle between right and wrong, you can think of those as yin and yang.

Yin and Yang

Whenever there is a misbalance, it gets corrected by the cosmic intervention.

Let’s take this thought to the next level.

Thoughts are cosmic. A human can create thoughts and put them to action in the physical world. These actions are manifestations of thoughts. That’s one way you can think about thoughts.

Let’s take this to another level further up.

To manifest greatness, thoughts need to be powerful. The power of thinking is increased by the action of learning. These actions are reading, listening, … anything that you can do that would involve your sense organs and feed new powerful thoughts into you.

The same sensory organs that can yin your thoughts can yang your thoughts as well.

Thoughts can be made such powerful that they stay even after you’re long gone. These thoughts would influence generations even after your physical existence ceases.

Books, for example is one of the great options for leaving your powerful thoughts when you write some. Books, again are a great source to make your thoughts powerful when you read some. Another example is blogs.

These powerful thoughts that reside in books can use you as a medium to propagate further into future.

Lets make it beautiful and as abstract as it could get.

Some thoughts came together and decided to manifest into a human form. These thoughts were induced into sperms and eggs. The most motivated sperm cell and the most motivated egg cell came together to form the beginning of a human body. this human body developed a brain.

This brain can now think and manifest further and spread the thoughts as they were and better; thoughts evolve.

Further and farther into thoughts:

A person is of a holy nature and is being oppressed by some bad elements of the society. By the virtue of his super conscious, a lump of energy, call it superconscious, can decide to manifest itself to induce some change so that the oppressor could no longer keep harming the peace and equilibrium of the nature.

The same superconsciousness can decide to take birth in the form of a human and chase its purpose that can be fulfilled by a human only. Or, manifest itself into a tiger to do things that only a tiger could do. Let your imagination go wild.

If the superconscious that operates in the cosmic world decides to get manifested into Human. A human brain although in control of this superconscious, would be living in the physical world and would have to abide by the laws of the physical world. There begin’s a tussle of a different kind. Superconscious would say don’t forget your purpose, you are not from here, you are temporarily manifested for a purpose. The purpose would seem so weird that it would simply sound insane to your law-of-nature-abiding subconscious.

Your subconscious is your animal instinct and your superconscious is your cosmic driving force. Try to listen to whom you want to listen to.

If you listen to your subconscious and live cowardly to follow your physical hunger and lust, at the death bed, you would be reminded of your purpose by your superconscious. And you would have to manifest yourself again and again and again until your find that cosmic purpose and achieve your Nirvana.

Nirvana is pure disassociation with every pleasure or pain and becoming one with your superconscious to use the human body for doing the things that its supposed to do. A human can do potentially anything that a human can think. And, thought has no limit.