Fear, cryptocurrency trading with weak hands, and the only story that matters.

Bitcoin, a decentralized blockchain 256 bit encrypted anonymous currency that’s worth about 1600 U.S dollars for 1 as of this writing. I think. Actually, you might want to ask an expert.

There’s a gold rush. Fortunately, gold rushes were filled with death and despair(I’m sure) in the past but today you can lose a fortune from home in your underwear.

What a time to be alive.

I’ve taken up Forex trading recently, half-quit and got into cryptocurrency. Just so happens this month has been a big month for crypto. If you don’t know what crypto is, let’s just call it magical internet money. Your wallet, digitized and instant, ready to evaporate into Ethereum. Ethereum is the name of a new cryptocurrency, or at least it’s new to me, because looking at the unfortunate facts and dates behind it’s existence you’ll discover it’s been around for longer than I care to recall. Shame, google’s right there. It’d be a shame if I wrote an article without including facts, right?

Well fortunately, no one knows facts about the future. The past you lived your entire life can tell you a lot. Or so we hope. Besides the obvious perils. The loss of hope. The new heights of misery I never imagined I’d reach.

Don’t mind it! Where was I? The future of fear is the future itself. See, as mankind(or it’s just me) living in the past is about all we can do. What happened then? What will happen next? It’s a matter of measuring and gauging the future pains with our past pains.

Now I know you mind be wondering how this all matters at all to anything, but I’ve got good news. Making meaning is cognitive bias, so you can just tell yourself anything that sounds good to help you sleep at night. A psychological blanket if you will that carries you through rough times as you watch your future disintegrate under the stresses and variables of a cold and ever demeaning bleak reality. New all time highs of dread.

The phrase “Weak Hands”, as it applies to cryptocurrency is new to me. It seems to have been around awhile, but it’s about fear. If you sell a cryptocurrency to get your money out of the cryptocurrency, then you missed out on the currencies inevitable rise to stardom. If you simply waited instead of acting, held your cryptos instead of sold, you would have increased your money a lot of times this month in particular. Doing nothing, not acting, yet obtaining a superior result. Because you’re afraid to act, because you do not act, you win. Or so they say, there’s always the part where you get stuck with a bunch of funny named digital tokens that have no relation to value in monetary exchange. Let’s hope that future never happens. Is this the tech bubble of the millennial generation? Is this the start of the new Applegooguber that will make many cigar smoking smug millionaires the world over? I wonder.

It reminds me of a Joe Rogan Experience podcast with a surfer. Apparently just holding your breath and staying still if you get pulled under by a wave will up your chances of survival, if you struggle and let out your breath you’ll quickly run out of energy and drown. It’s like playing dead in the sea. A very strange adaption mechanism to being thrown off your surfboard, but effective for far longer than I thought possible. Five minutes, with training? That’s amazing. Please don’t try it, I’m sure you’ll need the brain cells you’ll kill for something else. Hopefully.

Recently on another Joe Rogan Experience podcast(I listen to a lot of podcasts) with Guy Richie he said something interesting. It was something like the difference between the person and his society, how the character in a story is always looking for other people to tell him who he is and by the end he figures out who he is and takes hold of the power he has. I noticed what he said felt correct.

For instance, Harry Potter gets told he’s a wizard. He was always special, it’s not that he was in dire situation with his adopted family and had no control, no, he had control all along. By going off to boarding school and receiving a fair bit of inheritance he manages to get by. Despite almost dying every year in school and being hopelessly addicted to danger. Really, you’d think he would have backed off a bit after he almost died to a basilisk in Chamber of Secrets. I’d call that luck, but that’s what stories usually do, they try to make us feel special and loved. Seriously, give me an invisibility cloak, universe, I’m fairly sure I didn’t deserve it but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

It’s an unfortunate subconscious wish that just by existing we can somehow get even a little bit ahead. That good things await us, and good fortune is around every corner. That the past pains we have will avail themselves and ward off future dangers. We’ll get ahead, we’ll win this one yet.

Let me tell you about the future(or at least the future I know of) if some guys in Slovakia do a good job being smart and dedicated then I’m probably going to make some money. I feel good about that. If I keep the diet steady there’s no way unless I bend the laws of physics and nutrition that I can mess up my target weight. I saved some money this month too. I’m exercising. I cleaned up my place. Everything is looking bright. It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?

A little patience and hard work can go a long way, as space and time wrap around us and distort our worlds, we keep those psychological blankets up high in our beds of fear. As I learned from Doctor Who a few seasons ago, fear is a companion.