Stop Blaming Young People for Spreading Coronavirus

We are standing in the middle of the highway waiting for a truck to run us over. It would be easy to simply walk off the road, but no we are Americans. We will proudly stand, resolute, and get hit by a car because it is our right as freedom-loving Americans. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to die in this country. Maybe millions. It’s horrifying to watch local and national governments fail to rise to the occasion. The harm reduction strategies to combat this crisis are obvious yet nothing substantive is being done. At a bare minimum, the government should freeze rent collection, utility payments, including internet, and all debt payments, provide everyone cash payments weekly, make all testing and treatment free, close all schools and nonessential businesses, and take over the airwaves to broadcast critical health information.

The lack of message discipline is dangerous. The reason young people are continuing to go to bars and restaurants isn’t that they don’t care about infecting the vulnerable, but rather they are uninformed. It is not the fault of the millennials who are going to brunch, but the government officials who kept the brunch places open. What message does it send to young people when we keep restaurants and bars open? They are being implicitly told that it’s safe for them to be out in the world. When I look at photos of crowded beaches in Florida I am not angry at the beachgoers, I am angry and the governor of Florida, republican idiot Ron Desantis. Close the fucking beaches. Why is this difficult for people to understand? You cannot shame the country into self-isolating, you have to force them to isolate and crucially, it must be made financially accessible for people.

Close everything down, if you can help out your fellow humans, we’re all in this together. Please stay safe out there.


If you have coronavirus it is your moral imperative to self-quarantine but also to infect people whose political views differ from mine. Thanks!

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