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The author does know that Millennials are no longer generally underage teenagers, right? Is there some projection that people of other generations condoned or even encouraged various kinds of rape and now Millennials do not? That’s a rather perverse presumption. Your brave new world is no braver or newer than anyone else’s was. The attitude is also not wholly unrelated to the general Millennial inclination to consider themselves as holier-than-thou.

Rebecca Solnit’s observation about the late 1970s is simply the worst of pop magazine writing: “The sexual revolution had deteriorated into a sort of free-market free-trade ideology in which all should have access to sex and none should deny access. … There were no grounds. Sex was good; everyone should have it all the time; anything could be construed as consent; and almost nothing meant no, including ‘no.’”

Seriously? Who the hell was she hanging around with? Biker gangs? Sex slavers? It was nothing like that in general. Not even close. Pockets? Sure. Just as there were pockets of those who murdered, practiced extreme sadism and those who dismembered bodies before, during or after sex. That doesn’t make a whole picture. In fact, Solnit’s absurdity and this article seem intent on distorting the whole picture to fit a rather cliche-ridden narrative.

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