17 meetings with the Russians by the Trump campaign is not the Dems stepping on a rake — it is damn…
Liberal Warrior

Trump meeting with Russians and accepting their help is not dependent on DNC hacks. I keep seeing people on the right try to make this nexus but Trump staff met with these people and at least to some degree was ready to accept their help. That is the fact. DNC hack, vulnerabilty or server whatever is totally irrelevant to that. 
Sorry, no, don’t blame Democrats for the this horric failure in judgement by Trump’s team. They own that top to bottom.

And even more concerning here is that even with this error in judgement, even with their knowledge that the Russians were trying to help them, they publicly said that there was nothing there and denied the whole thing. That in itself is a form of collusion. Knowing of the attack on Americans by the Russians, they aided in it’s concealment as they benefited from it.

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