When I studied marketing, the smartest marketers were the consumer packaged goods manufacturers who relied on market research and marketing tests in order to fine-tune their marketing efforts.

Though consumer packaged goods marketers are still respected, the smartest marketers in the room today are Facebook and Google. They got to be so smart by learning from the data generated by all of the marketers who have run campaigns with them, and that’s every marketer in the world — even the Kremlin.

Marketers — myself included — were happy for the reach/scale provided by the duopoly, which made our lives easier…

The success that Facebook and Google enjoy in digital marketing can be attributed to the data that these companies have. This is particularly true of Facebook, with the company’s understanding of our friends and interests based on its 2.23 billion monthly users. And if one adds Instagram and WhatsApp, the treasure trove of user data is staggering.

But with the California Consumer Privacy Act coming into effect in January 2020, data portability will be the law (and it already is in Europe with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation).

The California Consumer Privacy Act says that a business must…

Imagine an advertising ecosystem where advertisers have a direct relationship with consumers. There would be no more guesswork, just relevant, real-time communication. Advertisers could receive verified first-hand data and reap the benefits of precision targeting, while consumers would only receive relevant ads from approved digital companies that have paid them for the use of their data. Liberdy is the blockchain-based ad company, which is making this a reality.

In our new, fair and transparent ad marketplace the consumer is in charge. We enable them to commoditize their personal data and get rewarded every time it is used.

Liberdy’s decentralized system…

The benefits of blockchain for all types of online businesses and their consumers are incalculable. It cuts down dramatically on fees as there are no middlemen, it also offers greater security and transparency and then, of course, there is decentralization. This is where the repercussions for consumer privacy can be most powerfully felt.

To help us examine blockchain decentralization as a tool in the protection of consumer data rights, let’s use a case study. …

May 25, the advent of GDPR, was the digital ad industry’s Y2K moment.

But more than two months later, there are still advertisers and publishers not targeting users in Europe and elsewhere because of GDPR-related issues.

At Facebook, the balls keep dropping. The company recently announced it was shuttering its Partners Categories program, which enabled advertisers and agencies to tap into third-party data from leading brokers to optimize some of the best-targeted campaigns on the social network.

Though first-party data should have been the answer, many marketers aren’t sure that the data collected internally even 18 months ago meets the…

And That’s a Good Thing

In recent years, the world of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) has exploded and countless projects involving token issuance on the blockchain have raised capital via an ICO. Their initial, incredible successes were unprecedented. Investors looking to make a fast profit became token sale contributors so as to exploit the volatility of these markets and cash in on soaring token values. Then startups began to tokenize products and services that didn’t need blockchain at all to function successfully, just to get a piece of this lucrative pie.

A New Paradigm

However, the markets have started to…

Actually, for the First Time, the Answer Could Be Yes!

Every time we go online and perform any type of activity, from liking a post, to buying a shirt, purchasing concert tickets or simply searching for a nearby restaurant, we’re leaving a trail of breadcrumbs made up of personal information that leads back to a real-world identity.

As a society, in recent years we’ve resigned ourselves to trading our privacy and the security of our personal data for the speed, accessibility and convenience of digital products and services. …

At Liberdy we’re on a mission. We’re a blockchain-based ad-tech company that aims to disrupt the entire advertising ecosystem by putting consumers in control, providing them with the means to commoditize their data and creating a fair and transparent marketplace where they can earn from its use. So, to help us achieve this end, we’ve partnered with mobile keyboard developer ai.type to introduce the first mobile keyboard to enable users to pay for premium services with their data.

Who is ai.type?

Ai.type develops smart input software with advanced context-aware, cloud-based features. Ai.type’s keyboard is installed on over 60 million devices…

On Thursday last week, Facebook had a very bad day. The social network suffered a $119 billion fall, as a result of lowered sales growth predictions. This constituted a 19% decline in value in just 24 hours, the biggest ever one day drop in US history.

Apparently, the next generation of users isn’t giving Facebook the thumbs up. This is unsurprising in the wake of the Facebook Analytica scandal that saw 50 million Facebook users’ personal data and that of their friends exposed. …

Can It Really Lead Businesses to Behave Better?

Blockchain technology offers numerous benefits both for online businesses and their customers. As blockchain enters the mainstream, in all types of verticals it is introducing greater security, transparency and auditability.

We are well aware by now that with impregnable encryption and a decentralized, peer-controlled system where every action is publicly recorded, company data is more secure and all transactions are automatically processed. But, is that all, or can blockchain also serve to create a new paradigm, where the user comes first, and not a business’ bottom line?

One industry that serves as…


The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology — https://www.liberdy.io

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