1000 students’ answer to the question “What educational innovations would you like to see in your courses?”

We organized a giant peer learning event at the welcoming day with a top tier french school. The goal was to let 1 400 students to find topics that they are interested or knowledgeable about, build a mini-course in teams, and teach it to their peers. In the end, 200 + courses were created, and 40 teached.

We asked the students an anonymous question at the end: What educational innovations would you like to see in your courses?
Here are some insights we get from 950+ replies.

140+ posts mentioned more interaction and particiation. Among which…

90+ want their courses to be more interactive.

More interactions, more connections between the students
More interactions between students and teachers
Students have to feel more engaged, I want to be an active student and not to stay passive in classroom.
A real discussion between the teacher and the students
More short timed interaction instead of long lecture or long term project
More applications which enable More interactions
More interactions and help to increase self-confidence

30+ want more participative course

Colearning, participation
I think that students should be more involved in courses by implementing a “try and see” method.
Participation like this
More oral participation of the students
more sense of participation for everyone
That the students takes part in the course construction

130+ posts mentioned peer learning, knowledge sharing from students…

20+ posts mentioned Horizontality

A more horizontal and direct relationship with teachers
More communication between teacher and students (horizontalité)
I like the horizontal way of study
the students are the center of the course
Being on the same level as the teacher and not feeling hierarchy
Let everyone show themselves more.

40+ want more peer learning/ learning from each other

More peer learning
Some teachers being taught by students
Student teaching is great
Let everyone offer valuaable things
The possibility to teach to others and not only listening the teacher
More responsibilities for the students to be committed in their lessons
Learn with students like us
The idea that courses’ topics can come from students themselves and what they passion about

20+ want WAP in their course

Use wap to create group of work
WAP seems to be a good alternative
The same relationship between teachers and students we had in wap
I would like WAP to find fellow students who want to teach with me and students wo want to attend to my courses.
Maybe an utilisation of WAP in some courses to discover many things about students and to learn through other people experience
This kind of learning
Do this with several courses in the academic year
Wap is good
Courses of entrepreneurship with this technology

20+ want more sharing

More sharing
We should encourage the sharing of everyone experiences, especially the discreet one
Less distance between teachers and students, more sharing
Sharing ideas as it was with wap experience
Personal experience sharing
More sharing to learn faster and better thanks to each others
More sharing and a more caring atmosphere in a class which would allow a share of knowledge
A real exchange between students and teachers.

20+ want courses taught during the event to be in the school curriculum

The courses on relaxation and how to learn better (during this event)
Have a Sign Language course in the school!
Promote some mini-courses to be one real classes

150+ posts mentioned more technology

70+ posts mentioned new technology to enhance interaction

Today’s event involved a moderate amount of technology and it was the best way to go.
New tech and peer learning
More connections between students. More technologies (ipad..) no more writing !
Technology to create more engagement
Being connected live to the internet in order to participate more and maybe have a more personal experience in each classes
Educational technology being used more
The use of technology but keeping a close interaction between teacher and students.
Using tech to help professors get a better, more personal knowledge of their students’ expectations. For example, a simple group chat could help students ask questions more easily.
Integration of video conference activities, getting the peer knowledge by distance.
Be able to share through video like Snapchat
Live video
More video & facetime
Perhaps using some quizz application to interact with the public while questioning them.
Increase gamification
Interactive courses with quizz on our smartphone to respond
The possibility to add digital ressources on the app
Live Facebook page continuing the discussion
Having really interactive classes with poll or online survey during the class
Access to social network to share our experiences
Using new technologies to interact with the teacher in real time, allowing the teacher to take care of all the students troubles because sometimes, some are too shy to ask during class.
It would be nice to be able to interact on a platform on which everyone can see what we write.
Interactivity through to live polls
The possibility to discuss with participants in a chat

50+ posts mentioned multi-mieda supports (Slides, video, VR…

An interactive slide
A large connected to the world information with many sources
A visual support
Free to play videos
To include more content (like video)
That possibility to make a video
The program can have a professor to guide the whole process of the teaching and gives them advice during the practice

30+ posts mentioned digitalization, online courses

More digital lessons
Digital courses, with digital exams, professors available directly online
the website. End of the classic amphithéâtre
Videos sharing..more digital experience
Online courses
Offering online courses
Maybe start online courses with different languages.
To add more digital presentations
Use the digital board
Course on live in computers

2 wants the old way of teaching.

In fact I like the old way of teaching with one teacher.

250 + posts were not counted in. Half says “ I don’t know”, half was left blank.

1 student doesn’t care.

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