Libero Virginia has recently presented a new staff member — coach Nadezhda Shulga

Volleyball in Ashburn can be practiced in Libero Virginia. The main goal of this club is to help players improve their technical skills. Two professional volleyball coaches are in charge of volleyball in Libero Virginia. Their routine is to conclude every volleyball session in Ashburn with a friendly scrimmage. Volleyball is a great way for everyone to get exercise and meet new friends. Also, every player can play and learn a fun sport. It is not important if an individual comes to Libero Virginia for fun or to compete, he will practice and improve his volleyball technical skills.

Libero Virginia offers the well-equipped and spacious open gym in Ashburn to all present and future members. It is planned for the maximum number of 12 players per session. In this open gym in Ashburn, $8 is a fee per player. Libero Virginia should be contacted to book a spot in the open gym in Ashburn. …

5 Secrets to Improve Sports Performance

How to improve sports performance? Read about psych-up techniques in sports.

Athletes in the same competitive situation can experience different changes in intensity. For example, when within sight of winning, one athlete may have an increase in intensity and feel very nervous because she’s never defeated her opponent before and doesn’t totally believe that she can this time. While another athlete in the same situation might have a decrease in intensity and feel a letdown because she’s already mentally in the locker room thinking about her next competition.
How to calm yourself down?
Or how to increase the intensity?
5 Tips to Improve Sports Performance1. Intense Breathing
Intensive breathing gets up pumped up. …

Libero Virginia

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