“Comey Cost Hillary The Election” — Another Groundless Liberal Myth
Michael Tracey

I’m not sure if it was “Comey” or “Russian hackers” now. The list of excuses continues to grow.

Things started to break Trump’s way, as noted, two weeks before the Comey letter. At best I would say that the Comey letter acted as a “fake because” for GOP establishment types still on the fence to go to Trump, meaning they would’ve gone to him anyway, but just needed a way to rationalize it given their personal dislike of him. Note that there were several such incidents throughout the campaign (the Bill-Lynch meeting, her 9/11 collapse, etc.).

But Hillary’s problems went far deeper than that. Her complete and total lack of charisma and ability to excite a crowd was always there, as was her visible lack of enthusiasm as measured in social proof (merchandise sales, rally sizes, etc.). Trump always outsold her significantly (itself a leading indicator of electoral victory in the past) and drew far bigger crowds.

I wrote a book in early 2016 predicting Trump’s win for these very reasons, because he was the better persuader (by a factor too large to measure) going up against an uncharismatic candidate with no central message and who was as establishment as they came in a year of popular revolts. Of course, that’s exactly what happened.

The “journalistic” establishment of course, will not learn these lessons, because the cognitive dissonance they’re experiencing is too close to home. I’m fine with that because it means they’ll keep losing.