Liberty Bags

As a child, I had always had the desire to help others. When I was around eleven years old, I read about a group of girls in Cambodia who had become victims of sex trafficking. I was grieved when I read this story becuase these girls were around my age. I had always heard stories about tragedies like this, but I never knew it by its name. I knew that this wasn’t just a foreign issue, it is a world issue.

Human trafficking has been reported in every country and in every state within the United States. It is estimated that twenty-seven million people are currently enslaved by human trafficking. One out of every hundred thousand victims are ever rescued.

Yes, the numbers are alarming, but even if only one person was a victim to this issue it would still be a problem.

A few years after I had read the story, I created Liberty Bags.

Liberty Bags is a very unique business. It is a purse business that consists of handmade one of a kind purses for children and women. They come in various colors shapes and sizes. They can also be used for any outting or occassion. A portion of every purchase will go towards a shelter that cares for girls that have been rescued from sex trafficking.