They Are Worth It

As I was enjoying one of my youngest cousin’s birthday, I began to look at all of the kids with their smiling wet faces, running in the water, full of laughter and a glow in their eyes. Then it hit me. Children are supposed to have fun, to learn, love, and be loved. They’re supposed to not worry, be comforted, dream, and live out their dreams. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many children. All over the world, children are being captured, tricked, and forced into human trafficking for forced labor, or sexual exploitation, and sometimes both. They are being held captive in their mind wondering where they are, who they are, when they will stop getting beat. They’re left questioning, when they can eat again, when the nightmare is going to end, and if anyone still cares. These children live everyday horrified, tortured, and threatened wanting a better life, just wanting to be a child again.

This is a life no one should have to live young or old. However, when things like this happen, we need to help each other and be there for them. How can a nation be free when we are not all truly free?

This does not mean the fight is not over, it has only just begun. We still have a chance to help the victims of human trafficking. It’s time we be a voice. You are the Answer.

Here are the ways you can help end human trafficking.

1 Educate yourself about human trafficking

2 Tell others about what you’ve learned

3 Donate to shelters in you area that provide shelter to people who have been riscued from this cruel reality

4 Make sure the businesses that you support aren’t traced to labor traffickers

Here are a list of websites to get you started.

If you are looking for a business that donates to organizations that help to rescue and shelter people who have exprienced this nightmare, feel free to check out my etsy account. A portion of every purchase will go towards an organization that provides a safe place specifically for women who have experienced this horrific issue.