Biological sex has to do with gonads.
Virginia Hall

Close, Virginia, but not quite…

Gender is a meaningless — or at least a trivial — concept.

Barring extremely rare birth defects, there are two sexes (XX and XY), each with unique genetics, anatomy, and behavior. It’s the “behavior” part that gets the social constructionists such as yourself in a tizzy. However, I’d suggest looking at cultures across the world and throughout history, at toddlers, and even at other primates and you’ll find that “masculine” behaviors (eg, aggression) are much more associated with the male/XY sex and “feminine” behaviors (eg, social intelligence) are much more associated with the female/XX sex. That’s not a coincidence. (Of course, as you note, not all gendered behavior — eg clothing — has a biological basis.)

Ideology cannot trump biology, no matter how hard third-wave feminists try. The “gender essentialism” they mock is an inconvenient fact.

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