GMOs: a scapegoat of the American food system
Layla Katiraee

Medium editors: Is the purpose of your site to provide a platform for corporate PR? What’s next, a stirring defense of climate science from Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil?

There’s too much in this apologia to respond to, but for starters:

1- There is little to no yield increase in GMO crops (according to the USDA and multiple peer-reviewed papers), which begs the question: why bother? The answer: to increase the sales of herbicides/pesticides. (80%+ of GM crops are designed to be agrochemical-resistant, after all.) Great for Monsanto and the authors’ companies, etc, not so much for everybody else.

2- There have been many hundreds of studies showing the nutritional advantages of organic ag, not to mention the obvious soil/environmental benefits. Do your research by starting here:

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