All About the Two Wheeler Insurance

A two wheeler is not only an economical choice but also a necessary one. Even if a person has a car, having a two wheeler is always helpful for quick and short trips to run an errand or two. A two wheeler can help you reach the by lanes of the cities without any major inconvenience.

A 2 wheeler insurance is a must if you have a bike or a scooter, else you will lose a lot of money in repairing the vehicle in case you meet with an accident. Moreover, two wheeler insurance has become mandatory under the Motor Insurance Act.

Features of a Two Wheeler Insurance

Buying a two wheeler insurance is not enough. You need to get the 2 wheeler insurance renewal as well when it expires or else you won’t be entitled to the benefits of the insurance plan. The benefits that you can otherwise expect from a motor insurance are as follows:

· You get cashless claim service and inspection from time to time.

· Coverage on the damage of your vehicle due to an accident or theft.

· Also get coverage on third party damage

· Discounts on renewal after a claimless year.

· Transportation of the vehicle to the nearest garage in case there is a breakdown.

· Added services as well.

Before you buy a two wheeler insurance, the first thing you need to look at are the benefits you are entitled to. Next, comes the premium of the two wheeler insurance as this will determine whether you can buy the two wheeler insurance or not.

An insurance is of paramount importance not only because it is mandated by law but also in the event of an accident, the repair and other things will be handled by the insurance company and you won’t have to worry about a thing. So choose the insurance policy wisely.