The KKK isn’t Reading The New York Times Op-Ed Pages
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

A masterpiece of hasty generalization! Can’t argue with logical fallacies.

That said, you do weave a few threads of truth through the piece. The “elite” are definitely masters at pitting individuals against one another, and don’t mind “Marxists” like you, or anarcho-capitalists like me rant on, as long as they control the big guns. And make no mistake — they DO control the big guns.

  1. I’m a white man
  2. My boss is a man, his boss is a woman. I could care less — I’m not the “boss” type. The best manager I ever worked for was a woman. Didn’t want her job either; required too much time devoted to work.
  3. Black actors live in bigger houses than I do. So do white car salesman. So what? I could live in a bigger house and drive a fancier car, but choose to allocate my resources differently. (I haven’t had a car payment for 5 years)
  4. The only thing I’m terrified of is that the state — described by Murray Rothbard as “robbery organized and writ large” will ultimately destroy the world that my children will inherit.

And “the state” are simply people. Ones who have some perverted need to control other people.

If you believe that any “revolution” or ladder-kicking is going to give you control over those currently wielding the levers of power, you’re sadly deluded. But then, maybe you’re still very young. I’m old enough to be aware of my own powerlessness, outside of limited control of my own circumstances.

Oh, are you surprised that someone intruded into your “echo chamber”? :)

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