Did you upload some GB using multipart configurations into S3 Deep Archive and found that you pay more than expected?

# ~/aws/config[default]
output = json
region = ap-southeast-2
max_concurrent_requests = 20
max_queue_size = 1000
multipart_threshold = 32MB
multipart_chunksize = 32MB
max_bandwidth = 50MB/s
addressing_style = auto

The issue might be the multipart uploads used in the API call to upload to S3.

aws s3 sync --storage-class DEEP_ARCHIVE ./folder-to-synch s3://bucketName/photos --debug

Your AWS bill has an item like this below?

Image for post
Image for post

What you see above as “GlacierStagingStorage” is due to multipart uploads that never finished. …


Find all processes using 1099 port with header displayed:

$ ps -aef | { head -1; grep 1099;}


Open your ~/.bashrc file with an editor to change HISTSIZE and HISTFILESIZEsettings:

$ nano ~/.bashrcHISTSIZE=5000      #loading the last 5000 lines into memory
HISTFILESIZE=10000 #saving 10000 lines to disk
$ history 10 # display last 10 commands$ !533 #re-run command number 533 from history

We can also execute commands relative to our current position. We can do this by using the !-n syntax, where “n” is replaced by the number of commands ago we want to recall.

ls /usr/share/doc/manpages echo hello…

An IPv4 CIDR block is required to create a VPC. IPv4 addresses are assigned to every resource in your VPC, regardless of whether you use IPv4 for communication.

The AWS PVC can operate in dual-stack mode. This means that resources in your VPC can communicate over IPv4, IPv6 or both. However the IPv4 and IPv6 operate independently meaning that you need to configure the routing and security components of your VPC for each address family.

For simplicity AWS provides a default VPC in each region with a default subnet created in each AZ.

The default CIDR block assigned to the…

AWS Direct Connect is a service that enables you to establish a dedicated network connection from sites — such as data centers, offices, or colocation environments — to AWS. AWS provides dedicated connections for this service at bandwidths of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps. You are also able to use sub-1 Gbps hosted connections via AWS Direct Connect partners that have already established an interconnect with AWS.

Requirements for networking equipment

You must support 802.1Q VLANs across 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ethernet connections. Your network must also support Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and BGP MD5 authentication.

802.1Q uses the addition of a VLAN…

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