‘libravista-api’, a developer-friendly API to Libra chain data, is released

Jul 5 · 2 min read

‘ibravista-api’ (https://api-testnet.libravista.com/doc/) aims to provide an easy access to Libra on-chain data.

gRPC, the protocol adopted by Libra to communicate its validators with the clients, is not that user-friendly to new developers. To lower the threshold to learn Libra and explore the live Libra on-chain data, we developed and released the `libravista-api` project, which provides easy access to the Libra chain data.

A few days ago, we have just released the first Libra browser, LibraVista(http://www.libravista.com), through which you can check each Libra transaction, create Libra Wallet, try Libra applications, and join developer communities. And Itis also backed up by `libravista-api`.

How to use ‘libravista-api’

‘libravista-api’is a set of HTTP APIthat wraps the original Libra gRPC protocol. To get the latest transactions on the Libra chain, you no longer need to setup a gRPC client and fill the parameters carefully. Instead, with `libravista-api` you can send a fetch request via your web browser, and the corresponding results will be rendered instantly as the following screenshot shows.

Currently, the `libravista-api` supports to check the account balanceand the transactionhistory. In addition, you can mintnew Libra coins and send it to a specific account. Account-to-account transfer, on the other hand, is still under development.

Implementation Details

`libravista-api` is implemented via NodeJS and built on top of grpc. To avoid the `libravista-api` backend server from accessing the official Libra validators too frequently, all the results are cached in the internal database of LibraVista. Thus the results of the `libravista-api` are expected to be at most 10seconds older than the real-time Libra block data.

API List

The full list of available APIs is as following:



We, as the developers of LibraVista and its API, hope you have a great journey in the Libra world ;-)

LibraVista:LibraVista.com & TokenClub:TokenClub.com

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