Librado Wright - Managing Work Stress

Librado Wright has worked in sales for over a decade, and enjoys the knowledge that he is helping people with his work. After working with companies in the New York and Philadelphia areas of the USA, he has returned to Kingston, Jamaica to work as the general manager of a call center. At times, managing workers and helping to resolve their problems is stressful and difficult, but he believes that he has become talented at managing the stress from work. In order to do this, he ensures that he focuses on the purpose of his work, continues to enjoy his interests and passions, and gives himself time to unwind — work should never take over his life.

Librado Wright

The purpose of work as a general manager is to help people and to enjoy his job. Without these two things, he believes that his work would be meaningless and difficult. The purpose behind your work is a key idea to keep in mind of difficult days, whether that purpose is to help your family, to save for a holiday or to simply gain experience. The stress from work will seem diminished in comparison to your overarching goal, the reason for your showing up and working hard. Knowing that work stress is not without reason will allow you to combat it by imagining the reward that it will bring you and others.

Continuing to enjoy and focus on interests and passions outside of work is another thing to keep in mind. This will keep your work in perspective and ensure that it does not take over your life. Whether you love cross country skiing or spending time with your family, these interests will allow you to relieve the stress of work by focusing on what you love to do and to enjoy these parts of your life which are separate from work. For Librado Wright, these interests are sports and faith. Coming home to watch his favorite NBA team play helps to take his mind off work problems, and volunteering to share his faith by teaching youth at Sunday School makes his life feel purposeful, and gives him the positive feeling of being a role model for young adults.
Librado Wright is the general manager at a call center and loves his job, but the fast-paced work environment and non-stop lifestyle can be exhausting. To combat stress, he turns to his faith and his hobbies, which ensure that his perspective stays wide and he does not let work consume him. Keeping passions outside of work as well as a purpose to the work you do is key in ensuring that stress stays at a manageable level. For those in high profile positions, who work with people every day, stress can build up unless a healthy balance is maintained in all areas of life.