Social Media Portfolio of Valerie Hawkins

Portfolio of social media tools used in creating items noted below.

Social media tools used by library worker Valerie Hawkins

My first attempt at explaining how all the social media I’ve set up works to increase knowledge on libraries, books and publishing, and technology, in hopes it will help showcase the necessity of libraries and therefore increase their use and longevity.

Libraries by LibrariesVal

Links to Flipboard,, and TweetedTimes e-newsletters listed above.

Link to Umbra Search African American History.

Link to customized Google search engine, Library Publishers Search Engine.

Links to various embedded items, including on Dr. Carla Hayden and the Library of Congress; the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ); JSTOR Open Access eBooks; selected podcasts on books and libraries; and the Rebellious Magazine for Women by Karen Hawkins.

Books reviewed by Valerie Hawkins for Booklist magazine

Valerie Hawkins —

Profile: FKA @ALALibraryVal Proud #LibraryParaprofessional. Hoping to make libraries more visible with #socialmedia. 2017 #DPLAfest Travel Award Recipient. #SaveACA #SaveNetNeutrality #RestoreTheVRA

LibrariesVal TweetedTimes based on @LibrariesVal Twitter Feed at

LibrariesVal Library News TweetedTimes based on @LibrariesVal Library News List at

#LibrariesTransform TweetedTimes based on #LibrariesTransform hashtag at

Diverse Books and Media curated from articles found using @Valsadie, Feedly, and Netvibes

Libraries News and Social Media Articles curated from articles found using @LibrariesVal, Feedly, and Netvibes

PLEASE NOTE: These two e-newsletters replace the previous Acronyms e-newsletter started at the American Library Association and noted in the ALA 2012–2013 Annual Report (PDF; page 99) that was deactivated in January 2016 by the ALA Librarian, instantly deleting its entire index of news stories curated over three years.

Libraries News by LibrariesVal: Netvibes Dashboard displaying RSS feeds from a combination of library-related resources, some customized using Feed.Informer, including trade magazines, academic journals — with #OpenAccess issues/articles indicated, library organization and education association blogs, and newspaper stories from across the country and around the world.

Second Life Events and Information: Netvibes Dashboard displaying RSS feeds from a combination of official Linden Lab and Second Life (SL) resources, some customized using Feed.Informer, including SL resident and company blogs, SL organization and education association blogs, virtual world academic journals, and other virtual world newspaper and magazine stories from across the country and around the world.

What’s New on ALA’s Blogs: Netvibes Dashboard displaying RSS feeds, some customized using Feed.Informer, from a combination of American Library Association resources, including blogs, press releases, journals, and social media.

[Seasonal] Reading Lists on Flipboard

American Library Association Recommends… on Flipboard

CFP: Calls for Proposals, For Writers, For Award Entries, For Blog Posts, For Films — and more! on Flipboard!-1ackmlgmy

HAMILTON on Flipboard

Updates to ALA (American Library Association) Library Fact Sheets and Resource Guides on Flipboard Public Book Lists:

Twitter Widgets displayed:

#AskALibrarian —

Hashtags for annual professional conference events and promotions, such as #dplafest #alaac17 #DigitalInclusion #AAM2017

Hashtags for general reading and literacy events, such as #ProjectReadathon #FreeComicBookDay #diversebooks #childrensbookweek

#OpenAccess OR @oatp — OR

Twitter List Widgets displayed — with any TweetedTimes* noted:

Annual Events
List of annual book festivals, library and tech conferences

Comics Conventions
(Or sometimes when Twitter is feeling nostalgic…) Comics. Comic conventions. Comic writers. Comic artists. Stores. Publishers.
* Comics and Conventions 
Additional #SDCC2017 information moved to

Library Jobs
Employment at libraries, archives, museums; general advice

Library News List
News on and about libraries, museums, archives. #SaveIMLS

Library Webinars CE
Online Library Training Webinars CE MOOCs Courses

LIVE streamed interviews and other news/music pieces, usually in-tweet
* Media TODAY — Live interview streams and programs

Open Access List
Open Access Online Tools and Collaborative Spaces

Social Media Tools
Social Media Tools and Apps and and how to use them

The Struggle Continues
Voting organizations
* The Struggle Continues

Virtual Worlds VR SL AR
* #VirtualReality #SecondLife #AugmentedReality Virtual Worlds

Other Twitter Lists, with TweetedTimes* noted:

Awards Media
Awards shows. Folks Who Write About Them. No big whoop.
* Entertainment Awards and Media

Breaking News List
Wherever things are happening

Crowdfunder websites, mobile apps

END Mass Incarceration
End mass incarceration and other injustices

HOUSE Electronica Techno Dance music DJs, producers, remixers AND MORE!
* Hey DJ!

Movies Festivals
Movies. Movie Studios. Film Festivals. No big whoop!
* Movies and Festivals

Roe v Wade 1–22–73
Roe v Wade 1–22–73

TV. TV shows. TV News. TV Critics. Actors. Writers. TV.
* Television Shows and News

Theatres. Theaters. Stages. Play Houses. No big whoop.
* Theatres and Plays

Videogame makers and media
* Videogames

When Help is Needed
Help for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking

From TweetedTimes —

“Read your personal news

Sign-up to create your own personalized newspaper for free and read your Twitter as a personal newspaper. The Tweeted Times aggregates the most important news from your friends.

Alternatively, you can specify the topics you care about and never miss any news on that very special and important topic.”

ALSO SEE: Promote yourself on Twitter with The Tweeted Times’ new “Promote” feature:

“Quite a lot of people on Twitter choose to post on their professional topics only. They create a community around their Twitter account where they share and discuss news related to their professional interests. The same idea is being practiced by many business accounts: they share and discuss stories on topics relevant to their businesses building up a community. Check out, for example, @zappos, @starbucks and projects like @hadapt and @vertica. There is also a “hybrid” way: “people share links during the day and talk about work, and then go home to tweet about what’s on TV and what we’re doing with our families. It’s a relationship-heavy approach that mixes both the professional and the spice of life tweets.”

We have created ‘Promote’ feature for such Twitter users who build communities of interest on Twitter. Using it, one can boost their Twitter activity by automatically posting important news on a selected topic.

Here is how it works. On, you can create a thematic newspaper on any topic of your interest. Look, for example, at this ‘gamification’-newspaper or this ‘Quora’-newspaper. Your thematic newspaper can be built upon a Twitter search query, or based on a Twitter list, like this newspaper of wine-related Twitter list: The TweetedTimes back-end continuously processes the Twitter stream to pick out the most important news on the selected topic, it creates a newspaper for you where all news are ranked by popularity, and the top story is always one of the most prominent recent news on the topic. So, now you can ask the TweetedTimes to tweet the top story from your thematic newspaper automatically from your account every time when the top story updates. Thus, providing your followers with the most important news on the topic.

Find the new ‘Promote’ feature in the top right corner of any Twitter newspaper.

Previous look for “Promote”
Current look for “Promote”
Screenshot of “Promote” settings, from LibrariesVal Libraries News

From —

“ Content Curation

Build your online presence by publishing great content:

* Discover content instantly on the keywords of your choice.

* Curate, add your perspective and publish to your own topic page.

* Share to your social channels.

* Embed in your website.”

From Feedly —


Let the web work for you by arranging the content you rely on into easy-to-read collections.


Discover fresh, authoritative voices on niche and broad topics alike. Channel the mainstream or pull from the diamonds in the rough.”

From Netvibes —

“Your Personal Dashboard

See everything that’s happening: News, social media, favorite websites, apps and smart devices all in one Dashboard”.

From What Is RSS? RSS Explained —

“What is RSS?

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.”

From Feed.Informer —

“About Us


Feed Informer lets you aggregate, parse, mix and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds. It also provides tools to convert feeds to web widgets ready to be published on almost any web page.

With Feed Informer, you can:

* combine multiple feeds into a single feed we call “digest” (Atom and RSS)

* filter RSS and Atom feeds by keywords and key phrases

* convert RSS to Atom, and vice versa

* syndicate your digests’ content

* turn your digests in RSS or Atom formats into web widgets easy to embed on your site and anywhere around the web

* style your widgets to make them blend into any web page design perfectly

* publish widgets in a variety of output formats, including HTML, Javascript, Flash and PDF

* share your widgets with anyone you want.”

From Flipboard —


You need great content to be better at what you do, and understand your world — whether you’re a parent or political leader, obsessed with pandas or space travel. Flipboard collects quality content on your favorite topics from the world’s most trusted sources, and presents them in a beautiful magazine format. See for yourself: try Flipboard on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.”

From Pinboard —

“A Tour of Pinboard

Pinboard is a personal archive for things you find online and don’t want to forget.

The site has been around since July 2009 and has about 25,000 active users.”