Reading on Library For All Improves Self-Confidence in Haiti

Students at Restavek Freedom have access to over 2,000 books in Creole, French, English, Spanish on Library For All’s digital library for Haiti.

This blog was originally posted by Samuel Jean Baptiste of Restavek Freedom

“Library For All is a special program that is being piloted at one of our partner schools. The kids who are part of this program are in the restavèk system; they don’t have access to books at home, nor do they really have time to focus on school as they have chores to do all day long. Their situation has a negative impact on their learning. Based on our research in psychology and pedagogy, it is important for kids to be in a good social environment that promotes learning and familiarity with books. This is why we plan special sessions where we create this environment for them.

Through these sessions, we have seen Djerry*’s marked progress in reading.

Djerry lives in a poor area and does not have access to books or a library. However, he does his best to attend all of the Library For All sessions. At the beginning, he couldn’t read out loud because he had low self-esteem and a reading level deficiency. He does not have people in his family or social environment who can help him develop his reading ability.

This is why it has been a priority for us to create an environment that promotes reading during the Library For All sessions. We always plan activities for each lesson, and we usually ask the kids to stand in front and read individually for the class.

Now Djerry does not even give me time to choose him for this activity. He has become so motivated that he can’t wait for his turn to read out loud for the class. He is making progress in pronunciation, intonation and comprehension. He is now also able to help his classmates during the sessions.

Djerry’s progress is obvious and it proves how important Library for All is for the kids, in particular those who are in the restavèk system in Haïti. It positively impacts children’s reading levels, and helps them become smarter in school while they grow in self-esteem and self-confidence.”

* Child’s name has been changed for privacy protection.

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