Musical synopsis: Poetic Blurt

-Type of musical: A blend of book and concept

-Genre: Drama

-Main characters:

Alice: Age: 29, Occupation: Marketing project manager, Aspiring rapper

Thomas: Friend, Freelancer

Abigail: Landlord,

Anthony: Abigail’s husband

Lily: Alice’s childhood friend
She has a good job as an assistant beauty writer.
She is brainy, and beautiful
Supposedly a perfect example of young women’s’ role model

Joshua: Aspiring musician, Alice’s roommate
He became a roommate after responding to an ad that Alice had posted on Initially he lied to her about his occupation, told her that he is a student at Juliard. But he is an aspiring rapper within a group. He also has a day job as a clerk at a bakery.

Alice moved to NYC after graduating from a college in the West coast, Portland Oregon. She grew up surrounded by a nature oriented setting.

She tried hard to fit in from the survival of the fittest mode as a young career woman in Manhattan. She joins as a Marketing assistance at a fashion company that manufactures Plus size women’s fashion garments.

Yet, she gets fired from the 10th jobs that she had worked on in the city.

She is a bright young girl, but it seems that she might know what not to say in serious environments.

After she is laid off from her last job, she starts a new exploring phase of finding a new job.

In the recently moved neighborhood, Bushwick, there is a mixed racial ratio of young people who most likely are new in the town, have moved from all parts of the States, and Latin community. The city is in the process of being gentrified.

Alice takes time to get to know the neighborhood, where artists and musicians gathered for cheap rent. Familiar scene in the neighborhood is young people cafes reading books in cafes, lounging on sidewalks, or shopping in thrift shops in the day time, in disregard of a necessary meaning of being committed to a full time.

“Who are these young people who are lounging around in the day time..?
At first, she wondered.

She has a good friend who boarded straight on the route of being a Freelance Translator, just for the sake of having a freedom from corporate office living.

Alice goes through a phase of job and soul searching, and contemplating about her blurry future.

She misses sunny California, even though she doesn’t act to be appeared as a warm Californian in New York city.

She gets to know her roommate Joshua and see how he makes the ends meet as an aspiring artist.

She tries on writing down her thoughts, and rapping unfiltered.

Remembering how she’s brought up, trying to meet the expectation of being a nice Asian girl.

She is a tough one, one of a kind, the one who beats the odds against all stereotypes.

The musical shows the process of her finding her own way to voice her being. She is a nothing but norm, and not afraid to speak and express her mind.
She realized that she is a natural born artist, who can inspire others.

As it is not a book musical, the musical doesn’t have a big storyline with a hint of showing success. Focus will be more in the concept of showing the transitional states emotionally and geographically, how she breaks out of her own shell.

Goal for the show
“I want” song:

Take me as I am — Justin Bieber, adaptation

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Significant meaning of how it’s enhanced specifically by the medium of musical theater
She starts expressing herself by rapping Songs of many different genres would be played along to depict the multiracial and multi disciplinary settings.

Examples that might be compared as references
Rent, Awkwafina, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, 42nd Street


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