Explorations of AI Art — Episode 23

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“As a visual artist, I interpret these recursive AI outcomes as humanity’s most successful attempt to visualize the invisible.” Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

[Fig.1] Shells, AI-generated image, credit: Pinar&Viola

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag is an artist and founding partner of the multidisciplinary creative studio Pinar&Viola.

With a master degree in Design and Applied Arts from the The Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, she boasts prestigious collaborations, contributing with her nonconformist ideas and fresh perspectives to the brand value of several worldwide leading brands, such as Google, Airbnb, IKEA, Koché, Nike, Adidas…

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 20

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“I consider code, the algorithm itself, a work of art.” Sergio Albiac

[Fig.1] Artificially Grotesque 3 (2020), experimental artwork, Credit: Sergio Albiac, image BY-NC-ND.

Sergio Albiac is an artist with a computer science and art background, based in Barcelona, Spain, whose work is at the intersection of deep learning, generative computer code and traditional media. Not being constrained by a single medium or style, but interested in exploring the realm of possibilities that technology offers to create art, he investigates how traditional and new media can blend together and bring to life something of profound…

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 19

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“Philosophical unease provides the raw substance that I use to grow my artworks.” — Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri.

[Fig.1] Pattern Recognition 24 (2019), part of the Pattern Recognition’s series; digital print, 42x29 cm. Credit: Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri

Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri is an artist and academic currently living between Leicester, UK, and Berlin, Germany. His artistic career started in 2006 when he founded the art group [+ zero] that has participated, over a period of 13 years, in many international festivals and exhibitions including Ars Electronica. As a solo artist, he started to investigate the relationships that take place among humans, machines, and philosophical…

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 22

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“I want to use AI art to become the best version of myself, and to merge traditional and digital art in my own way.” Dani Joy

[Fig.1] In and Out of Reality, credit: Dani Joy

Dani Joy is an artist based in Northern California who loves to create and experiment with traditional and technological tools. His work ranges from drawing to painting to sculpture.

He is self-taught in digital art and has studied computer science and algorithmic design. Fascinated by the new digital media, he incorporated the latter in his practice to…

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 21

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“ I always had a need for the kind of self-expression that is associated with art.” Hannu Töyrylä.

[Fig.1] New Direction (2018), an example of virtual technique. Credit: Hannu Töyrylä.

Hannu Töyrylä is a visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland, who makes video, interactive installations and art prints using Artificial Intelligence. His work revolves around recurring themes, such as the contemplation of his emotional, psychological, and spiritual world, his life experience, and the complexity of our times. …

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 18

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter:@_bblurred

“Beyond pondering the true essence of the natural phenomena that trigger our sensations and perceptions is the more enigmatic question concerning the nature of consciousness itself. Working with artificial intelligence busts that line of inquiry wide open.” Daniel Ambrosi

[Fig.1] Dunboy Castle, County Cork, Ireland. Dreamscapes, credit and courtesy of Daniel Ambrosi

In the recent years the field of machine learning has advanced enormously and nowadays computers can generate realistic images that do not actually exist, identify people and objects and get very close to mimic human behavior for some tasks. …

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 17

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be. — Miguel de Cervantes.

[Fig.1] The artist Paul-Yves Poumay. Credits Paul-Yves Poumay.

Paul-Yves Poumay is an artist and author based in Belgium who works with photography, painting and sculpture. Often described as provocative and optimistic, yet his work does not hide a sharp criticism of the world’s obsession with money. Moving from light and vibrant colors to darkest ones, from reality to fantasy where the representation sometimes appears…

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 16

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“True Creativity happens when such an AI engine works together with a human being, thus assisting and augmenting the human. It’s a play, or a dance between the AI and the artist.” — Fabin Rasheed

[Fig.1] AI-generated image used as an inspiration, credit: Auria Kathi. Credits for Auria Kathi to Fabin Rasheed and Sleeba Paul.

Read the full interview on Cueva Gallery’s website: https://cuevagallery.com/blogs/explorations-of-ai-art/fabin-rasheed

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 15

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“It is not about Artificial Intelligence replacing the creative process, a creative person, the artist, nor collaboration. It is adding up to the creative setting, adding new input and tools.” — Claudia Schnugg

[Fig.1] Dr. Claudia Schnugg is a curator, a producer of art and science collaboration and a researcher. Credits Claudia Schnugg.

In recent years the intertwining of art and technology has become more complex and articulated. The latest developments in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have also found application in the artistic field, contributing to the creation of an avant-garde that is shaking the art world in different ways and…

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 14

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“I aim for pushing boundaries and creating dialog between sometimes distant domains.” — Paul Mouginot

[Fig.1] Example of GAN-generated imaginary herbariums that Aurèce Vettier uses as raw material for current works. Credit: Aurèce Vettier

“As for the use of GANs and other generative algorithms, I am interested in understanding whether they can help us explore spaces and dimensions never seen before, and question what should be the contribution of a contemporary artist.” — Anis Gandoura

Paul Mouginot and Anis Gandoura already lived a few lives. They are both engineers and started working together a few years ago, as strategy consultants. In 2016…

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