Exclusive Pre-sale


Opportunity for All

Librium is excited to hit the ground running! Ever since our introduction last month we have garnered the attention of numerous Telegram users and Crypto media outlets. We look forward to getting in touch with the greater community as we work together to revolutionize our global labor markets.


Firstly we’d like to take this opportunity to remind potential purchasers to be super cautious seeing as the popularity of this project has attracted scammers who wish to steal your funds by impersonating the Librium team. Fake clone websites exploiting various phishing strategies have already been identified. (See our BitcoinTalk thread). Always review multiple official sources such as our website at www.librium.com, blog and Twitter to verify information, instructions and important dates. Feel free to also direct message any of our admins in the official Librium Telegram.

Pre-sale Live

Our exclusive private pre-sale is live! This is a tremendous opportunity for purchasers to get Librium Tokens (EQL) at competitive rates due to our special discounts for early adopters and strategic partners. Only a limited number of people will be given the opportunity to purchase the Librium tokens allocated for the pre-sale. We will be capping the amount of buyers during this time frame leading up to the Token Offering Event in December.

At the time of the pre-sale, $5 million worth of Librium Tokens will be available for purchase. If the limit is reached the pre-sale will end. The pre-sale will automatically close on 12/8/2017. By supporting Librium and investing in the exclusive pre-sale each participant gains a secure seat during our ICO in December.

Don’t miss your chance to buy EQL at its exclusive pre-sale price! Claim your interest in the Token Pre-sale by providing contact info here or reaching out to our admins in the Librium Telegram here.

The funds generated through our token sale are crucial in supporting our mission; “opportunity for all”. We believe that human capital is the most important measure of global progress and businesses can leverage skilled workers to fuel untapped growth opportunities. Join our movement today and help bring equilibrium to our global labor markets!


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Solution = Librium | A decentralized, transparent digital labor economy built on the Blockchain, that connects markets of over supply to markets of undersupply.

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