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The founders of Librium launched SparkSales.io in 2016 to fill a labor shortage in an e-commerce business. Through the success of SparkSales.io, Librium was born. Librium is a hybrid between a SaaS marketplace and a freelance platform. Librium enables:

  1. Seamless cross border transactions through cryptocurrency
  2. Identification and verification of talent through a reputation system
  3. Identification and verification of job opportunities through Service Providers — the Apps of the ecosystem.

The Librium Network is designed to connect a global talent pool, including people from politically unstable regions or internet users who are unbanked, with the global economy. Librium brings the world’s labor markets to equilibrium.

The Librium Ecosystem allows app developers to build tools that identify job opportunities. Workers are then empowered to engage those job opportunities in a manner that helps them to work more efficiently than they would have otherwise. These tools and platforms which constitute the Apps of the ecosystem, are called Service Providers. The entire ecosystem shares a uniform identification and reputation system. Traditional freelance platforms merely put workers in contact with employers.

For example, let’s talk about Jose, from Venezuela. Jose is a college educated individual, who is under employed and desires better earning opportunities and more flexibility in his work schedule compared to the jobs available locally. SparkSales.io, the first Service Provider of the Librium Ecosystem, enables Jose to work by putting his English language knowledge to work with a structured chat technology. In this example, the Service Provider, SparkSales.io leverages Jose’s talents to sell exciting products on-line, for multiple e-commerce businesses across the world. Jose earns more than he would have otherwise, and the e-commerce business who engaged Jose through the SparkSales.io platform is earning more than they did before. Freelancing should not be restricted to coding, writing and graphics and Service Providers help to identify those opportunities unlocking jobs all around.

To get involved with the labor force revolution, sign up on our website and join the conversation in our Telegram today!


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Solution = Librium | A decentralized, transparent digital labor economy built on the Blockchain, that connects markets of over supply to markets of undersupply.

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