The Librium Core Team

Nov 13, 2017 · 3 min read

Pierce Schiller — CEO

Pierce is a builder. An eclectic entrepreneur, he founded four companies prior to graduating (and famously paying for his tuition) from Harvard Business School. Coming from a bioengineering background, Pierce understands that science changes the world, but the ability to take technology to market fast and effectively is how successful businesses are made.

Marceau Lecomte — Chief Blockchain Engineer

A mechatronic engineer who began geeking out with computers at age 11, Marceau is all about finding answers to difficult world problems. For instance he launched a startup in Brussels that allowed mobile users to identify dietary recommendations based on their genetic testing. Most recently he has been heavily involved in the crypto space, having developed his own bitcoin wallet and payment gateway for private e-commerce companies. Marceau also initiated the efforts to create a decentralized DNA ledger using blockchain technology in Europe.

Thiago Amaro — Lead Developer

Over the past two years Thiago helped build 3 startups. His work in optimizing TarDisks’ ecommerce platform made selling seamless and drove millions in revenue. Another project he helped launch, SparkSales, is a selling automation platform that is the DNA of Librium and was incubated at the elite Harvard Innovation Labs. Thiago has an instinct for simplifying problems then tackling them with the best solutions and his background in multiple web frameworks, databases and cloud computing makes him a technical force to be reckoned with.

George Yeh — Growth Lead

George is a growth marketer, ex-Googler and Teach for America alum, most known for his work in mobile apps having led teams at hyper-growth startups such as Lyft and Postmates. His forte is paid acquisition but George has experience in channels all over the marketing spectrum from influencers to brand strategy. His work has led to impactful milestones including growing Lyft rides to reach an annualized gross revenue of $1 billion and playing a key role in helping Postmates hit operational supply targets to close their Series D round. George graduated from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business with a focus in marketing.

Daniel Stewart — Business Development

Daniel develops and implements enterprise strategies with success at companies from the Fortune 500 to seed stage startups. Known for his innovative approach for identifying actionable growth opportunities, Daniel has played key roles facilitating several mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures in advanced battery technology and industrial engines. Working out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, he co-founded an organic agriculture sourcing and marketing venture that was a finalist in the Harvard University President’s Challenge. Turning unique business challenges into profitable growth is his hallmark. Daniel graduated from Harvard Business School.


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Solution = Librium | A decentralized, transparent digital labor economy built on the Blockchain, that connects markets of over supply to markets of undersupply.

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