Gamify you internship report

Going one step further with my research and the different reflections regarding my learning path and the different experiences through the internship I realized there was a parallel between the collection of experiences and the conpect of fractals.

So I used the idea of Fractals to assemble my experiences and base the design of a game created from my internship projects, in this way gamifying my internship presentation.

I thought that it would be interesting in itself to gamify an exercise like this an that the idea would encompass in a more substantial and representative way the experience.

I began with the interest in games and discovering the game world, during my internship I branched into different fractals, now I want to connect the fractals by associating the material and make a game with the combination of the materal hat I have learned, in this way come back to the game discovery idea in a more substantial way.

Musical game designed by the idea of fractals and communication only through playing music.

Multiplayer up to 5 participants

Start in the center, with your keyboard

Leader will play for you a melody which you have to playback with your keyboard.

Each keyboard has each key assigned to a specific letter of the alphabet.

So the melody played is a phrase which the player must find by following the notes that are played in the melody.

Once they find the melody the will find the sentence and use it as a key to go to the next stage of the level.

Each player has 3 stages, after the last stage they reach a point where hey combine the information they got and in order finish their game they have to reassemble together and combine their melodies and add it to the background one by one.

There is constant background sound that is the base for the whole game and the layers that are added to the game from the players correspond to the harmony of the background base music.

5 paths and levels :

1st entail ability bias — en abil ty s

2nd sport tech mechanic — sport ech mani

3rd sci vocabulary adapt — sci voabulry dpt

4th gamyfied concert — participation –


Stages showcase the different parts of the project

Keyboards Setup

Each players keyboard has to be marked with the letters in each key.

The combination of these keys will be a certain melody and a word or phrase that connects to the game level.

You can make your own system of assigning letters to the keys, based on how do you want the letters to fit the general composition and the combination of the themes played by each player.

Fractalo — Gameplay

3–5 players meet in the center

choose a path

each path has 3 levels

each path has a leader

the leader plays a melody for each level

the player should try to find the melody in their keyboard

once guessed collect the melody as it is represented in the keyboard with words

once the player has passed the 3 levels they can see one of the projects and bring the melodies to the center and play them together

The game is a calm, concentrated, ear training, collaborative experience for persons that want to discover new information through training their ear and for playing music in a chamber music environment.

In this case I have adapted the game to fit the internship report, so when completing each level each player discovers a part of my internship.

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