This week i organised with the CRI MusicClub a.k.a. “MUTE CLUB” a multidiciplinar concert with artists from Prishtina,Kosovo.

Within the yearly program of the “MUTE Club” we want to give 1–2 examples of interdisciplinarity fro the exterior manifested through different arts that involve music as a core.

This first edition hosted the works of Erëmira Citaku whos work is work acoustic-electronic instruments,video and poetry.

The works were curated by Labinot Kelmendi who is one of the new generations of Philosophers in Prishtina and was performed by a chamber ensemble consisting of :

  • EREMIRA CITAKU — Flute,voice,video
  • - LUAN DURMISHI — voice,electronics
  • LIBURN JUPOLLI — synths,electronics
  • DREN SULDASHI — guitar,electronics

During the concert there was also a showcae of some of the video work of Erëmira that was displayed as an accompaniment of the music.

There was an introduction and a presentation before the concert by Labinot Kelmendi explaining the concepts and ideas that surround the project and creating a theoretical parallel of the work in regards to how the artist use the visual medium, the language medium in combination with her compositions.

As far as the program goes there were a number of 9 pieces played which included the projects “House of Being” — an independent project including visual work and “Eletno” a project realised in 2016 as part of the “New Etno Music” series organised by KSMT-Kosovo Society of Music and Technology in Prishtina,Kosovo.

Within the CRI we explore mny new ways of working within disciplines, the example we had here included a musical use of language and video as a support for language as a medium.

We also got to see how not only standard modern instruments but also traditional ones can be used in a non-traditional way, and an eclectic mix of styles between traditional Albanian, Asian and Oriental harmonies and modern rhythms, use of words in a musical representation within the context of the different works.

Pianist/Composer/Inventor,Master EdTech Student,GameLab Intern,interested in interaction between Music,A.I.,Cognitive Science,Neuroscience,Games