June (abbreviated)

After-school program with the little ones!

Surprisingly, the first few weeks of our time in Thailand we lucked out with only clouds (see title picture) and very little rain. We were able to jam pack our post-work afternoons and first two weekends with exploring the area pretty easily. Overall, June was a blur. Everyday was overly stimulating and exciting making it go very fast. We arrived on a Sunday night, got a tour of campus and were given our schedules Monday, and were off to work Tuesday morning. Within 2 days of teaching, I quickly realized that my classroom atmosphere was nothing like my schooling experience back in the states. It took a while to understand that no matter how much time or effort I put into making lesson plans, they were not going to go as I hoped. Ever. 3 months in, I am still figuring out how to navigate my time in the classroom because every day is different but it has improved by leads and bounds since June!


My knight in shining armor who rescued the lizard from my room!
1) Student gifts 2) Dinners from the school canteen 3) The english office!
My favorite green tea maker and his pup!

Our favorite find of the month was definitely Memories Bar — will not fully open until the dry season but is the most amazing little spot along the beach! Its a surf shop/surf camp out area/bar/restaurant that is family run from a friendly group of local men. It’s become a great place to hang out in a hammock and unwind on a nice afternoon:

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