Diet, exercise and their compounding effects on productivity

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When I lived in the US, I wasn’t eating well. My diet was the cheapest nachos, pizza and pasta we could afford.

After a few months, I was feeling ill. As weak as I remember.

Started to wonder why… and the reason became clear. I was eating trash.

I radically changed my diet. But I didn’t see a real change until I moved back to Europe. Just the quality of the products made a difference. In Europe, there are a lot of nice regulations around food.

I recently started seeing food as a means to an end, and not an end itself. …

With the next AGP vote around the corner, I wrote an overview of the proposals that made it to the ballot

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I wanted to do a quick summary, since decentralized governance is very new and may seem daunting.

First of all, a first disclaimer: My intention is not to influence voting behavior. This post aims to be as neutral as possible. That is why it’s coming from my personal Medium account. I have ordered AGPs by number with neutrality in mind too.

Now, a second disclaimer: I don’t aim to vote with all my tokens, except force majeure situations. I may vote with just 1 ANT to go through the voting experience.

AGP-5: Aragon One Flock proposal

Who: Aragon One, the main team leading Aragon’s development

What: Aims to expand to 25 people. …

Save time to you and others by being brief and concise, while still communicating your point

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When communicating, it is not only your time that matters — other people’s time matters too.

Think of a 1-to-1 conversation. Someone that is reading an incomprehensible, bad formatted piece of content, will need more time to understand it.

But also think of 1-to-many communication. It can be a blog post that reaches thousands of people. Most of them will just drop out if you aren’t brief and to the point. But even those who remain reading it, will need more time to process it. …

Decentralized organizations just got real

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We released Aragon 0.5 seven months ago. Since then, more than 2,500 organizations have been created with it. Counting all Aragon versions, the total number of Aragon organizations now adds up to 15,000+.

That’s more than the number of businesses created yearly in Austria, Malta and Luxembourg combined. Decentralized organizations are here to stay.

Yet all those organizations were running on Ethereum testnets, with no real world implications. Today, that changes. Today, decentralized organizations get real.

Using Aragon 0.6, named Alba, you can now create Aragon organizations on the Ethereum Mainnet. This is a new era for human collaboration. …

Reducing the noise so you can focus on what matters

It’s very easy to be pulled away from your main goals.

There are two metrics that always requires optimization: time and impact. The less time you use, with the higher impact you achieve, the better. Increasing your leverage.

Seems obvious, but it requires a lot of effort. You have to always question the leverage of your activities. This is very hard to do in a rolling basis, since it’d be cumbersome to question every single second of your day.

I want to describe how to batch those prioritization moments, so you get the most impact out of time.

This post assumes you already have a way to establish yearly/quarterly goals. I will focus on daily and weekly goals. …

Regaining control of your life and time by saying no

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Saying no is implicitly negative. But that doesn’t mean it’s negative for the world, your project, or your time. In a world full of distractions, we are always pushed to make positive choices. If we couldn’t say no, we would:

  • Work in jobs we dislike
  • End up in relationships we dislike
  • Eat stuff we dislike
  • Commit to activities we don’t enjoy
  • Have unwanted responsibilities that restrict our freedom

Some symptoms of this happening in a professional context are:

  • Being always busy trying to please other people’s wants
  • De-prioritizing priorities and prioritizing what other people want from you
  • Not being able to meet your goals, yet feeling very busy and…

How to find bottlenecks and bugs by tracking your time

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To fix something, you need to be aware of where the bug is.

Time is our most scarce resource. Yet we lose a lot of it, or we invest it into tasks that are not the highest leverage.

In today’s society, we make a lot of choices. We can opt out from a lot of them, but there’s one that will forever be there: where to spend our time.

And, since time doesn’t stop, it’s a continuous choice. It’s made up of thousands of smaller choices per day.

While I won’t get into that scale, I will offer a guide on how to debug the high-level choices we make with our time. …

Tips and tricks on how to increase work output while being healthy and happy

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I started working on software ten years ago, and on crypto about seven. Out of that, a year and a half on Aragon. With Aragon growing, my responsibility has increased to levels I have never experienced.

To add to that, I moved four times in the past two years. To Palo Alto, then Sunnyvale, then Barcelona, Madrid, and finally Zug, Switzerland. I have dealt with tons of stressful experiences in regards to visas and legal stuff. I had to manage a remote team for the first time. …

How to fix soulless corporations from making everyone miserable

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A lot of the world’s problems don’t come from malice. They come from sustained ineptitude over the course of decades.

Ineptitude then manifests in many forms, and thus allowing incoherencies to flourish. Incoherencies can take many forms, including corruption and multiple kinds of contradictions.

For example, take Facebook. Its goal was to make the world more open and connected. But they ended up with make the world more open so we can gather people’s private info and sell it to the highest bidder.

Mark even posted a manifesto, but only did so 13 years after Facebook launching. …

Reducing the gap between language and code

Back in the day, when I was starting Unpatent with Jorge, we were thinking about how to teach machines to invent, so they could timestamp prior art before a patent troll could file a patent.

We explored a lot of options, from graph databases to scraping the USPTO and running machine learning models over it.

Finally, we concluded that in order to meaningfully generate new ideas, we needed computers to understand the map of existing ideas first.

The general idea was as follows:

  • A bike has wheels
  • Wheels allow for movement
  • Motors can help wheels boost movement
  • Therefore a valid new idea could be bike + motor =…


Luis Cuende

Cofounder @AragonProject, CEO of Aragon One. Advisor to a few crypto projects that awake my curiosity. @Forbes 30u30. @MIT TR35.

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