Most JavaScript developers are comfortable with the Object Oriented Programming paradigm. However, many problems in JavaScript are more easily solved with the less-known Functional Programming paradigm. In this article, we’ll explore a powerful functional programming technique called Function Composition . We’ll take a look at how to implement a Compose function and a Pipe function, and explain when to use them!

What’s Functional Programming?

Functional programming is a paradigm where we have 2 distinct components to our program — data, and actions we’d like to perform with the data (functions). Functions are logically separate from data. …

We’ve all been there — you’re finally done working on a feature, but something about your commit history just makes you cringe.

It might be the typos in your commit messages, the “garbage” commits you made to just save your work, or the 3 commits you made to simply remove logging code.

Maybe your commits aren’t that bad… but if looking at your commit history brings you any amount of shame, you could always interactive rebase to rewrite and edit commits. With interactive rebase, you can amend commits, rename poor commit messages, and meld commits together.

Before we get into…


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