Illegal BC Cannabis Producers Pushed to Go Legit

The provincial government is pushing for all illegal BC cannabis producers to go legit. But many craft growers in that province are feeling left behind.

BC is helping illegal BC cannabis producers in the Central Kootenay region through a number of approaches including a pilot project and business supports. Those supports…

GTA Cannabis Stores Shrinking

Cannabis stores in the Greater Toronto Area are shrinking. Although notable, it’s not surprising says Chris Jones, who operates what he calls the smallest cannabis store in Canada. He said that market saturation means companies will have to keep a careful eye on costs to keep competitive. GTA cannabis stores…

Private Cannabis Stores Coming to New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s Finance Minister Ernie Steeves introduced a bill that will allow private cannabis stores to sell recreational cannabis. Unlike most provinces, New Brunswick’s retail cannabis sales are currently government run through its Cannabis NB stores.

“It won’t be in corner stores, it won’t be (in) gas stations or anything like…

Uber Eats Cannabis Now Accepting Orders

Tokyo Smoke customers in Ontario can now place their order with the cannabis retailer through a special Uber Eats Cannabis section on their app.

“We are partnering with industry leaders like Tokyo Smoke to offer safe, convenient options for people in Ontario to purchase legal cannabis,” said Lola Kassim, General Manager…

Licensed Producers

Canada’s Licensed Producers of Cannabis Products

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