The Itchy Debate: Natural Vs. Chemical Treatments For Head Lice

Every year, more than 6 million children come home from school or camps with itchy scalps. Upon inspecting, parents soon discover a lice infestation in their child’s head. They will typically go for either one of the two options: natural or chemical lice treatment.

Question is: which one works, and works well?

It is your responsibility to make informed decisions when it comes to you and your children’s health. Although you want only the best and safest treatment for your family, lack of information about your choice of treatment can lead you down a path of troubles.

Chemical Reactions

Take chemical treatments for instance. Purchasing and using an over-the-counter “lice killer” seems to be the most efficient route towards the end of a lice epidemic. The strong-smelling, eye-watering solution seems a wise choice, till you get know what is actually in it.

There are two main factors regarding chemical treatments you need to be aware of:

¥ First off, they are chock-full of toxic compounds intended to kill the lice. You know the complex mix of “chemical jargon” over the side of the bottle that you skim over? These define chemicals which are harsh, too harsh for human skin.

The chemicals commonly found in prescription lice killer — such as permethrin, pyrethrum and pipernoyl — are in fact human carcinogens. In an effort to get rid of your child’s head lice, you may be setting them up for a number of health ailments in the future.

¥ The second problem can be encompassed in two words: super lice. These critters, similar in appearance as their normal counterparts, are quite tough. The primary reason for their resilience is the consistent inclusion of barely varied composition of chemicals in lice killers. Like most insects, head lice can endure the effect of the chemicals intended to kill them, once they’ve had enough exposure.

Going Natural

Next up: natural treatments. Natural treatments consist of hair-softening products, and whole lot of combing using high-grade nit combs. Sounds too…mundane? A natural treatment is actually the safest form of lice removal you can go for, especially if done by an expert hand.

nit combs

With no toxins involved, you can be lice free in no time. Lice Troopers, for instance, offers professional lice removal service Kendall at 800–403–5423. These take no more than a one-time appointment, at their lice salon or at your own home, to employ natural means of eradicating the critters.

Bottom line; do not treat yourself or your family blindly just because physician friend recommend an OTC lice killing solution. Do your research. Opt for a natural treatment, and you can be confident in both its effectiveness and the well-being of your health.

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