Hello everyone this article help you understand how to work and how to manage your crypto domain.

If you buy and have some blockchain domain you can manage it, for example you can transfer or assign sub domain, approve.

Also if you cares security your domains, you can use hardware…

ZilPay scilla IDE for more info: github.

This release is beta that can has some bugs. It is in development and i will be very happy if you support me and write some issue.

Let’s go.

For first you need install ZilPay wallet.

ZilPay will upgrade official website and supporting blockchain domain, new IDE for developers, deploy, call scilla smart contracts.


You can manage yours domain via ZilPay or hardware wallet.

This article presents to you on how to connect your very own Ledger Nano S hardware wallet to ZilPay. I hope this article will be useful as a guide to you!

Step 1: Installing the Ledger Nano S app

ZilPay 0.1.9 include new functions by work with your data.

If you have installed ZilPay extension on FireFox or Chrome, opera. This wallet keeps you privacy data such as “your Zilliqa Address, and balance”.

On any Web site you visit, ZilPay injecting little JavaScript Object for working with dApps. …

The promising blockchain Zilliqa has finally released a stable release of their domain-specific functional language, Scilla. However, as you may know not everyone may understand the intricacy of programming smart contracts, therefore there is a certain barrier towards adoption. But! Fret not, as ZilPay is here for the rescue.


Rinat Khasanshin

ZilPay wallet developer

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