I had a female science teacher in middle school who was 6'5".
Sarah VV

But you see the point, I believe. I envision both men and women along standard distributions to account for overall variation, but at the same time, its not exactly the same standard distribution for both men and women. At some point, there may very well be a cut off that knocks out all women. And certainly at aspects of physical development, there’s a pretty significant deviation.

In such cases, it is basically reasonable that there can be sex segregation. I wouldn’t find it offensive if the same applied to men on other aspects such that men were segregated from certain aspects.

I hope none of that was offensive; you mentioned the Chinese language. I am actually of Chinese descent and worked several years in 北大. Part of the tradition was the understanding that there’s an importance for society that goes beyond a single life or individual. If overall harmony is improved by sacrificing the extreme outlier, then I can live with that. I don’t mind being sacrificed for that same cause.

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