I’m not offended, no worries.
Sarah VV

I haven’t been since 2010. I hope to visit China again soon, especially Shenzhen as I’ve heard of as a new Silicon Valley. Its pretty breathtaking from what I’ve seen, and I believe that technology can provide a lot of solutions; not the least being the enormous amount of environmental improvement that a good part of China needs. If all goes well, it might even turn into a career — the place has some incredible potential with highly skilled and motivated programmers, still lower cost of business overall, and I believe that I can bridge many cultural differences. I wouldn’t be the first or the last expat who has thought that, I’m sure.

I am a traditional conservative in that sense and my anti-feminism hardly falls into the simplistic categorizations of wild assumptions as I do know some men do, and indeed, I’ve argued heavily against such simple notions of “alpha” as there’s no evidence humans were ever like that. I’ve grown up with the classics including the ancient Greek plays with strong and noble women such as Antigone, and the selfless and virtuous Duchess of Malfi; indeed, a poetess and a woman’s magazine writer taught me much of how to write and helped me get published.

Indeed, I feel that she taught me a lot of what it means a man(“delicacy is essential to a woman as strength is to a man; a man can be possessed of many vices, except weakness. Weakness cannot be forgiven in a man.”) It is from there that I took from the tradition that it was hardly any sense of superiority between the sexes, but merely difference in emphasis. It also not “per se”, but rather aspirational. In such, I found great beauty and continue to, which is why I resist when what is beautiful to be is being destroyed, and when my dreams are attacked.

I respect a lot of what you said, and I understand your perspective on individual options — which ultimately, I don’t have any great issue against. I hope that my own reverence for tradition, in how I cherish the beauty and accept the contradictions that make up harmony, also come across in some extent. Its worth protecting.