I’m Learning to Code

In late 2015, I decided to get serious about learning to code and my far-off dream of being a web developer. I’ve been dabbling in coding since early 2013, and it hit me that I’d need to take a leap of faith at some point.

I have since applied and been accepted into the Flatiron School’s Learn Verified program and am loving it. I am excited about the material I’m learning and different concepts are starting to click.

Reasons for learning to code:

  1. I don’t identify as specifically right brained (more creative) or left brained (more logical); I’m somewhere in the middle. Coding is a great opportunity to combine creativity and logic.
  2. There are so many things to learn. I absolutely love learning. I’ve always loved learning. Just the thought that there will always be some new coding-related topic for me to learn about is exciting.
  3. There are so many opportunities when it comes to software/web development. Not only are there great job opportunities, but more importantly, there are opportunities to build things that change the way people live and solve real problems.
  4. I like figuring things out. I’ve already had a few moments in my coding journey where I got stuck on something for a few days. It’s been frustrating and has made me doubt myself. But always, after doing some more research and asking questions, I’ve been able figure out the solution, which is even more exhilarating.

So, follow along on my journey. I hope that you find it useful!