API Service and Security (with Coldfusion)

Don Chunshen Li (lichunshen84@gmail.com) / November 2020

A famous VC, Marc Andreessen once said “Software is eating the world”, and in the software world, API is eating the software world, so, let’s talk about API.

For this piece, I’m going to talk about an API architecture composed of API service/endpoints at one end, a lightweight or super thin gateway in the middle and the API consumers or callers at the other end. See the following diagram.

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A side note, this architecture should work with other server side programming languages as well other than Coldfusion.

Motivation: a super thin gateway in the middle serves as an extra security layer without incurring any noticeable cost. …

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Credit: LinkedIn

So, you have a LinkedIn profile and you think it’s pretty good and you’re pretty happy about it. But you could be too complacent, that is, you may not know that your LinkedIn profile has not reached its full potential.

Why am I saying this?

Here’s my own experience. Yesterday, out of blue, I thought to myself, hmm, how good is my LinkedIn profile? Obviously the best answer is to ask others, so I did, I asked a dozen of my connections for their input. All of them gave me useful feedback. …

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Everyone who has a web page wants it to work. They’ve spent many hours and not a few dollars getting it to look and say exactly what they want. But now it barely shows up in an online search.

To understand why, you need to understand exactly how a search engine works. Google utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to understand the “meaning” of a web page. These algorithms read a web page’s content the same way a human reads it: they are able to assess and evaluate the relevance and quality of the words. …

Credit: Wired

To introduce a novel, NLP (Natural Language Processing, a branch of AI) algorithms-driven method to improve web page content quality resulting in higher SEO ranking.

Why spend so much time mumble and fumble with so many little SEO “techniques” that add zero to limited value to actual users while they may have slight impact on your SEO?
Hundreds of fellow SEO companies/consultants are essentially doing the same things, where’s your competitive advantage?

Website owners, forward-thinking SEO consultants and technologists.

The Flow or Content of the Blog
1. …

English is my second language. I started to learn English even when I was just a kid and my college degree, though not the English language in actuality it was my de facto second major ( not minor ) because our five year program was designed to develop each student with two major skill sets and English was one of them.

On top of that, I’ve been living, working and studying in the US for some thirty years already. So, probably you would think that my English skill has likely reached the level of native speakers. Well, yes and no, in most cases, I could probably say yes. BUT, BUT, there are times that you would feel your inadequacy ( I mean “I”, not you). Today, I experienced such a moment. When I came across something that mentioned “creek” and “stream”, I didn’t know their difference and yes, you can google for an answer. …

While it is fairly easy to set up a SMTP mail server via a hosting company what if that option is not available? And you need your application to send or retrieve email. Then what?

Probably you’ve heard of Google’s free SMTP mail server. it sounds good… when you google for it, usually you get something like the following:

“To use Gmail’s SMTP server, you will need the following settings for your outgoing emails:

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: smtp.gmail.com

Use Authentication: Yes

Use Secure Connection: Yes (TLS or SSL depending on your mail client/website SMTP plugin)

Username: your Gmail account (e.g. …

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When I first started to learn Hyperledger Fabric I wish there were some practice questions that would help me to understand what concepts and terms are important. And by passing an exam based on such questions it would provide some proof that I possess a considerable practical knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform as its application developer.

Well, today I’m sharing twenty such vital questions about Hyperledger Fabric with you. You may find it’s a fun way to learn Hyperledger Fabric in addition to learning from training materials (ask me about them if interested).


To help software programmers and college students who are interested in learning Hyperledger Fabric to understand critical concepts and terms in HL Fabric via questions and answers. …

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Credit: cryptocoin.news

If you ever think of the future economy being tokenized or what we call token economy welcome to the blockchain world and specifically Hyperledger Fabric and to be precise, Hyperledger Fabric version 2.0 (alpha).

Because Hyperledger Fabric version 2.0 (alpha) has a new capability called Fabtoken, which allows you to create native crypto currencies or coins. Many of us in the blockchain industry know that Ethereum has the powerful ERC20 standard which allows the creation of crypto coins on the Ethereum blockchain network. Now, with Fabtoken, companies and developers using Hyperledger Fabric can achieve the same.

This piece will walk you through Fabtoken. …

If late 1990's and early 2000's were the dawn of our Internet age then for today with the arrival of the blockchain technology we are at the cusp of a new paradigm or even value age in a few years time frame or even less. As software developers, if we want to embrace this nascent technology we need to build foundational knowledge of and skill in blockchain technology, thus, gain a good understanding of it and then learn and become familiar some major blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric would be valuable.

This piece is a bit long, designed to help you get started and get up to speed with such a goal in mind. It entails two parts but altogether you would need four parts. …

Don Li

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