Our last two months at lidbot and what will be next

Apr 30 · 3 min read

The last few months were very exciting for us at lidbot! In this article we want to share what we have done lately and what will follow in the future.

As a company we are lucky to have strong support from the IOTA community. To update all of our external supporters on our progress we decided to regulary post our progess on medium. This is the first of an infrequent series of updates to update our community on the progress we are making. Let’s get started.

Hardware and Software Updates

We are working hard on finishing up our latest CATM1/NB1 sensor the “lidbot”. Our hardware lead Yana Navarthnam is currently finalizing the power management layer. This sensor will be connected instantly via roaming in 120+ countries with a single PCB and SIM. That means customers do not have to worry about infrastructure upgrades as our sensor will be completely plug and play. We are also working on some OTA functionalities that will allow us to control the sensors from a remote location.

The front end analytics platform is currently being implemented in Next.js. This will ensure we have a proper framework when we are going to scale. Carlos Azuaje & Alexander Lehnert have been working very hard on implementing this new platform. Each one of our clients will have access to their own login and will be able to manage their sensor system remotely via our platform. This includes features like settings for bin container size, push request for status of bins in real-time, alerts and OTA updates.

We have also updated our website! Please look at our IOTA page. We have developed this page to properly describe the current data based limitations within the waste management industry and how DLT will play a large role in solving these problems. We will also use this page to display our development roadmap with IOTA, our open source software and sensor firmware that we wish to share with the IOTA community and of course our donations address to help fuel this initiative!

Smart City Conference

We attended the Taipei Smart City Expo, Asia’s most comprehensive B2B events for Smart City Applications and IoT. It was organized by the Taipei Computer Association and was a huge success for us. We showcased our lidbot.robin prototype in action for the first time ever. Booth visitors were very impressed with the quality of our solution and success with our Taipei City POC. We spoke to many delegates and private companies from the US, Europe and Southeast Asia — showing them how lidbot can help them transform their waste and recycling efforts. We can confidently report that a few delegates want to work with us right away.

Special thanks goes out to Taipei City Government for providing the booth and Taipei Smart City Project Management Office for managing the entire conference experience.

photo of our booth at the conference | twitter.com/lidbot_

Business Development

We have a long list of about 30 clients requesting quotes or waiting to purchase our sensors and lidbot.robin bins. Each and everyone of these clients is a great opportunity for lidbot to continue sharing its success stories. For the time being, we cannot share exactly who those customers are, but can confidently say they will be able to keep us busy for the time ahead and will help us achieve our initial 2019 goal of 5,000 lidbot sensors and 50 lidbot.robin smart bins.

It is also important to note — that lidbot has decided to structure its team remotely. Having remote teams allows lidbot to not be limited by talent and enables us to have access to the world’s best talent. Currently we have around 15 people in our slack channel and always looking for more help. If you wish to join our team and think you can contribute to any of our roles please don’t hesitate to join.


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lidbot is a sensor that notifies you when your waste and recycling bins are full.

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