Welcome Alexander Lehnert to lidbot

Jun 19 · 2 min read

Lidbot would like to introduce one of our team members, Alexander Lehnert. Alexander is a digital product and motion designer. He has been a creative and motion director since 2007, working on a wide range of projects, from commercials and music videos, to startup videos. Alexander also teaches visual effects and motion design lessons for FXPHD and Hello Luxx, based out of Chicago and Sydney.

Since starting his career, he has worked with some great companies, led the communications and design department at an agency, led production of html5 e-learning contents and worked on projects for major brands and people. Some of them include:

Mercedes, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, VW, PwC, Lufthansa, IOTA foundation, Red Bull, Braun, BOSCH, Weight Watchers, Flying Lotus, Major Lazer, Sparkasse, and more.

He was also nominated for an MTV Music Video award!

At lidbot, he is responsible for the design of everything you see and experience. He designed our website and our analytics platform. Alexander brings a wealth of design experience to lidbot as well as deep expertise in the technology sector.

We asked Alexander some questions below;

How did you find out about lidbot?

Alexander: I learned about lidbot from the IOTA community. When Ham (founder of lidbot) posted an early draft of the analytics platform I decided to jump in and improve the user experience.

What made you join the company?

Alexander: it’s the awareness of working on something big, something that is sustainable and that is about tackling one of the biggest problems we face today. I love bringing sustainability to this world through the most innovative tech available at the moment! It is a really satisfying thought to build a tech company that is about rescuing our environment.

What do you like about the work environment?

I really enjoy working remote. Lidbot employees are distributed all around the world which comes with its perks. I learned how to deal with a distributed team and asynchronous communication.

What is your day-to-day look like?

In the morning I have a catch-up with Ham and the team — what’s new on the plate, feedback on designs I did the day before and potential iterations and discussions if needed — during the day I do concentrate on my to dos — trying to send out updates on designs and tasks when I finish the day. This way, Ham and the Eastern part of the team can review and feedback during my sleep. We are taking advantage of the time shift — to keep lean cycles while building our products!

Alexander is a vital part of our team. We are looking forward to working with him to further refine our products and to build experiences our customers will continue to love. Give him a warm welcome!

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