Another simplest serverless function 🤷‍♀ — but seriously 💖

Upkar Lidder
Jun 13, 2019 · 2 min read

I have come across a couple of posts with the title simplest serverless functions and my initial thoughts are …

  1. It is not that simple if you have to write up a config file to post a hello world function 🤦‍♂ !
  2. How easy is it to now extend this function to something more usable ?

So here we go again … this example is based on Apache OpenWhisk, an open source distributed serverless computing platform. However, a serverless system on your desktop/laptop is no different than spinning up a nodejs express app or a flask app. You are missing out on scale, performance and distributed nature of OpenWhisk. In order to make it even simpler, we will use IBM Cloud Functions, a managed version of Apache OpenWhisk.

Check this out …

In the next few posts, we will learn to extend this function to do something more usable. But wasn’t that easy !

Image for post
Image for post

See you next time ! In the meantime, read up on some serverless code patterns.

Max Katz, thanks for this post idea !

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