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A few days ago, I felt something. It was odd. I understood that I’m living an excellent life with a good job, a beautiful family, and friends, but something was wrong.

I felt like I’m just existing, repeating task after task, and feeling completely lonely in my mind. This feeling appeared while I was brushing my teeth.

I went to bed and started to think. What if I’m wasting my time? I imagined previous days, weeks, months. Most of the things are the same every day.

The next day I realized that I live a monotonous life. I spend time at the same office, shower every day, drinking the same tea, etc. I’m like a well-programmed robot. …

I want to break free, God knows I want to break free
I want to break free, God knows I want to break free

People usually are disappointed with something. Their kids, relationship, work, their own lives. But what makes us so depressed and unhappy? The thing is that people are building boundaries for themselves every day on their life. And it makes them stuck, unfree.

What is the most satisfying thing in your life? Close your eyes. Imagine that view. Aren’t you feeling free, relieved? You are working wherever and whenever you like, you are with people you love, and nobody’s complaining about you, your behavior.

How to achieve that? Is it utopia? I don’t think so, but you need to be brave and sacrifice something in your life, that makes you unhappy, that you’ve achieved. …

medical companies — old fashioned ways
medical companies — old fashioned ways

With so many new business tools assisting medical industry companies to automate and enhance work. Company’s productivity results should be higher than ever. However, using tens of enterprise tools also has its side effects: high costs, lack of collaboration, and a reduction in productivity.

Companies should be more concentrated to increase their profit.

Businesses should reduce the number of applications and their subscription plans. Organizations should make a more collaborative company’s environment among colleagues.

A significant barrier to these goals is still-manual nature of medical industry companies’ from order management and satisfaction to pricing, purchasing, and regulative compliance.

Sales-reps spend two-thirds of their time on process administration

These old-fashioned ways can be draining on a business.

They’re slow — in taking and managing the orders, in getting products into the pipeline. Alternatively, to the clients — and likely to error, plus they drive up expenses. Orders can be backlogged, lost, missed, etc. …



I’m learning psychology for more than 8 years and it’s passion, but I do marketing for a living. Marketing is like psychology but funnier 🗣

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