Putting The Traveller First

Tapping into and improving Customer Experience in the Travel and Hospitality industry is key.

From initial travel planning, to booking, the journey itself and expectation met upon arrival — the possibilities for a stress-free trip for the user are endless.

New revenue streams are already being sourced with integrated offerings — for example, dinner reservation options at the destination while booking accommodation.

Airports are also fundamental to improving the trip process. The airport experience can be the most stressful element of the end-to-end air travel journey.

A raft of technologies — from biometric-enabled self-service to robotics — have emerged as viable solutions to help ease the terminal experience for passengers. Airports are also embracing ‘softer’ passenger-focused initiatives in an attempt to help passengers relax, keep them entertained and provide an element of escapism from the busy terminal environment.

What’s my recommendation? Airports of the future should see a rise in digitalised and personalised services, minimizing the traveler stress and significantly revamping the customer experience at the airport. In this process it is key to empower the airport staff to address and resolve customer needs immediately, anywhere and at any time. For airports, this implies a dynamic rich infrastructure to meet the expectations of the passenger. The benefits are win-win, a better customer experience and new revenue streams for airports.