We Don’t Need More Designers Who Can Code
Jesse Weaver

I can do both darling and i’m not a monster. I just started to study both together 10 years ago and loved and still love both, i fell uncomple just with one. Your article is a typical reaction of a designer who don’t want to code and dont feel attracted to this, which is fully ok. The same happen by the developpers. But still please accept there are people able and want to do both and people who won’t. Yes you’re right in a project you cannot focus on everything together but this depend also on the size and timing of a project and which project phasis you are right now, you can easly work and different parts. The monsters like me are called Unicorns are we are really happy to exist and be able to do both jobs and for some compagny we are really valuable employee. I can understand your point of view if you say you just want to design and focus on this but please understand also mine.

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