A great show about good guys and bad guys and how good guys fare in America is “The Wire” … really…
A Ennis

People are consumed by envy, and the western civilisation is based on people trying to be better than others, whether it means to have more than others, do better than others, or something else.

The reason behind it is, most of us got the message early in our childhood years, that we’re not good enough. Even if you’ve had the best parents, the point of upbringing is to point out to the children that they should do things differently or that their opinion isn’t as relevant as adult’s opinion, etc. This is inevitable. But it also makes the little person feel not competent.

When this little person grows up, he still carries the feeling of inadequacy along, never questioning it.

He tries to make up for this inadequacy by arrogance or by being a ‘people pleaser’ or by trying to prove himself by having more, doing more etc.

It’s the way we soothe ourselves and our own feeling of inadequacy we inevitably internalised early on.

So, no wonder most people are envious and driven by questionable values..

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