MySWOTS Internship

Good day to all,

My name is X.Prashanth Lidwin Jessuva and I am currently pursuing my Undergrad in Information and Science and Technology in College of Engineering Guindy. In this blog, I would like to share my experience about my first internship for a company named MySwots.

First of all I would like to thank my department HOD- Dr.Saswati Mukerjee for arranging an Internship opportunity by talking with the Founder of MySWOTS- Mr.Sesha Krishnan during the 2nd Year Summer Holidays, and so he agreed to conduct a test and shortlist six candidates for this internship, I too attended the test with the hope of at least getting to know the kind of questions that they would ask in a test like this but I was surprised when I got to know that I had been shortlisted for the internship along with my class mates namely — Saravanan, Poorna, Prasathth, Ranjini and Saravana Ganesh. But then came a bigger surprise that the internship was going to be conducted via Google Hangout calls, And so we had our first hangout call with Mr.Sesha.

Intro To Internship:

During the first two calls we had general introduction of all the students and Mr.Sesha introduced himself and about MySWOTS — his brainchild, he explained the why, how, what of his website and he also asked us to analyse his website and give feedbacks as an introductory task and so we divided the parts of the website among ourselves( the task was divided and given to us by Ranjini ) and all of us did our analysis and conveyed our views with Mr.Sesha in the next call, Mr.Sesha was pleased by our efforts and then in our third call he clearly explained we 6 would be doing 2 tasks as part of this internship one small task and another medium task.

Task 1:

For the first task he asked the five of us ( excluding Saravana Ganesh as he was given a separate task to do ) to separate into two teams one for FrontEnd(FE) and the other for BackEnd(BE) and since at the time I was interested in Backend I volunteered for the BE task and Saravanan also volunteered for BE and he was the BE team lead and Prasathth, Ranjini, Poorna volunteered for FE with Poorna being the FE team lead.

For the BE we were given the task of converting a Base64 image to a jpg or jpeg file, and we were told that the images would be in the BE of the website and so I blindly thought that I would have to use a backend language like PHP to do this task , but incredibly Saravanan came up with an elegant and easy solution in Python , though I tried to replicate this same idea in PHP I only had little success, but this incident opened my eyes to the beauty of python and taught me that I have to be flexible to try and see many options rather than staying with just one option.

And so we finished the task within a week or so and informed Mr.Sesha and the FE team also finished their task( they were given the task of implementing a timer kind of stuff to find how much time a user spends in other tabs etc., ). Mr.Sesha liked the solution of both teams and so we proceeded to the next adventure which was a great one.

Task 2: The Power of JavaScript and Team Work

And so our 2nd and final task was to implement a Notes taking an application for use in the MySWOTS website. At first, I thought that for this task too would be separated and given to the FE team and BE team but Mr.Sesha told that for this task all the 5 of us would be working as one single team and divide the work among ourselves, And this time he just gave the requirements he needed for the Notes application.

And so he suggested us to take a look at the OpenSource Notes taking application called POSTITALL, and so we all downloaded the application from Github and started to look into this, Personally, i was completely shocked by the files in the application because in nearly in every nook and corner there was JavaScript Code and the thing that surprised me was that I could not make heads or tails from the code initially and the shocking factor was I had just recently completed a course in JavaScript(Though truth be said I never learnt even a fraction of what I did in this internship in that course ) And so it was incredibly tough for me for the first week and somehow understood it a bit. Though we did not have a formal FE or BE team I was still interested in doing BE work and so I took it upon myself to add a feature of saving the noted written by the user because the GitHub version stored the contents in the LocalStorage(ie: In the Browser and so it could not be permanently saved)

And so I initially did a version where I saved the contents in a MySQL DB and was able to retrieve and show the contents , but Mr.Sesha wanted me to use a REST API in Node JS and store the content in a file, And so with the help of Saravanan I was able to do the required changes but then came the most crucial part of this internship for me.

Understanding the Importance of Front End Work:

Till now Saravanan had been the bridge between the FE team and BE team and Saravanan along with Poorna had been the two leads who intermediated with Mr.Sesha and the rest of us. But Saravanan had to go for a YRC Camp for 7 or 8 days and during this time we had to give Mr.Sesha a demo of our work and this was the first time I came to know the work of the FE team. First I got to know what they had done and how they did it and from that discussion I was perplexed because the FE teams’ work was more complex than the BE work I was involved in and so I tried to learn from them and did some minute changes in the FE, though I would, in reality, have done only 0.01% of the FE work the thing I understood from that was a lot.

And so we finally managed to nearly satisfy all the requirements but still, the end result had some rough edges( like for example there were problems on the mobile platform) and luckily Saravanan came back and in quick time he smoothened all the rough edges and thus we completed the application and completed our internship successfully.

I realised that this is very true


So, all in all, it was a great experience that taught me the importance of both Front End and Back End, then how they have had to be blended with each other for a good application and most importantly how to work as a team and understand the requirements of the user and stakeholder and it certainly improved a bit of my communication skill. (On a lighter note I also got to know how to communicate our ideas through a Hangout call and that it is possible though I found it tough due to my Internet Connection and Communication skills)

I am really great-full to have had such great team mates and I would thank each one of them for making this internship a great one for me and I have definitely learnt a lot from my fellow team mates , Thank you all !

Last but not the Least I would like to thank the Almighty for giving me this chance and hoping for more experience like this in the future.

For now signing off, Bye.