The ultimate guide to autosurfing. Up to $128.83 passive income per month doing absolutely nothing!

Jan 11, 2019 · 7 min read

A lot of people dream about generating passive income. About waking up and having earned money in your sleep. Who doesn’t? Well, while it normally takes a lot of work to get to the point you generate a decent amount of passive money, there are alternatives now.

The process is called autosurfing and doesn’t take anything, but internet. The basic idea of those websites is that they get paid from advertisers for traffic and share some of their revenue with you. All you have to do is leaving a tab open that surfs the web for you. Every 60 seconds it automatically directs you to another website and pays you. You have to invest neither time, nor money to get started. Sounds good, right? Well, I will provide you with any information you need. Here we go:

The pioneer in this field was a website called They paid users a basic amount of 0.0001$/minute. Then, at the end of 2018 the owner decided to sell his website and offered the script for commercial use. While the new owners made some bad changes concerning payments and usability, a lot of clones started to emerge. They all look very similar due to the same template and are easy to use.

Image for post
Image for post layout. This is what an autosurfing website looks like.

As one autosurfing website alone won’t get you that much money, a lot of them certainly will be able to build a decent cash flow. The headline is no joke. You can easily make more than $100 per month with them. The money can be cashed out comfortably via PayPal. With the exception of the original one, I will list all of them here and provide some information about their pay per minute, minimum withdrawal and maximum per 30 days if run 24 hours. As it’s a pretty recent phenomenon, the information may have changed if you read this article at a later point.

Note: They do not use your CPU or anything like bitcoin mining websites do. The term mining is a bit misleading here. All they do is surf the web for you, which doesn’t increase hardware usage or electricity in a notable way. It’s simply about accessing websites, which is a standard procedure for any device. Mostly though, there is a mining option, but you shouldn’t activate it because it doesn’t pay well.

Enough. Let’s get started.

This is a typical autosurfing website with a decent pay of $0.00015 per minute, which can earn you up to $6.48 a month. Minimum withdrawal is $2.50. They have a facebook-group and seem serious.

This one is my favorite. They pay a solid $0.0002 per minute and the owner seems pretty dedicated to push the website further. He has recently added some small tasks you can do to earn extra income. Minimum withdrawal is $3 and it will earn you up to $8.64 a month.

Basic website with $0.0001 per minute and minimum withdrawal of $3. This will earn you up to $4.32 a month.

By now you should see where this is going. Just open a window and run all these websites in different tabs. It’s basically free money that can add up very quickly as there are a lot of these websites since the template was offered for purchase.

Another standard autosurfing website that pays $0.00012 per minute, which translates into a maximum of $5.18 per month. Minimum cashout here is only $1.50.

This one is insane. It pays you $0.001 per minute, which will pull in up to $43.20 per month. This obviously justifies the minimum payout of $10.

This was the first clone of the original website. It pays basic $0.0001 per minute, up to $4.32 a month and has a minimum withdrawal of $5.

This will pull you in €0.0001/minute, which is €4.32 a month. As they pay in Euro it equals approximately $5 with current rates. Minimum cashout: €5.

Spanish clone that pays $0.0001/minute again, which is $4.32 a month. As by now, you should be familiar with those websites and able to not be distracted by the Spanish language. It’s really easy to navigate. Minimum withdrawal here starts at $2.

This one is a German clone that pays €0.0001 per minute and like CashMining Italia up to €4.32 = $5 per month. Minimum payout: €2.

Okay, here things get interesting. This website pays in Nigerian currency. They pay you 1 Naira per minute, which currently equals $0.0027. This would translate into an insane $116.64 per month! But unfortunately, this is not true. They cap you at 1000 minutes per day, which is still $2.70 a day and $81 per month. But currently they also charge a very high fee for PayPal withdrawals with 60%. This leaves you with a maximum of $32.4 per month, which is still very high and makes it the second-best paying website after as by now.

Doing the math: Adding up these websites can generate you up to $118.86 every single month!

To be fair, the websites are all fairly new due to the sold template and by now, no one can tell if one of these sites will turn out to be a scam. Especially the high-paying ones. There have been payment proofs for some websites, but not yet for all of them as it’s in the nature of such websites to require some time before you can cashout. This is also why I strongly advise you to not buy the bonus programs! Even though they strongly boost your potential earnings, things are moving way too fast to tell by now if a website is truly legit. But even if a few won’t pay in the long run, others will and thus give you a decent passive income every month. And having to invest neither time nor money, there is really nothing to lose. So I really recommend you to give them all a shot as it really is easy money and where can you find this nowadays?

Lastly, I want to show you two additional sites you can add to your autosurf-routine. They are different from the autosurf-layout, but they do the same: Earn you money for leaving a tab open. Both of them have been online for a long time and are legit.

This one is pretty cool. You run radios in a tab and get paid for it. Currently you can use 4 radios at the same time (you can simply mute them and will be rewarded anyways) to get 4 points per hour. 1000 points translate into $3,05 as of January 2019. Doing calculations this can earn you up to $8,78 a month. Bonus: Some of the radio senders are actually good.

You register on the website and will then be able to access the members area and run a surfbar. You can find it if you click on discover. It will automatically direct you to different websites. It works similarly to the auto-surf ones as they share some of the revenue they get from those in demand of traffic. They will pay you in points, which you can later exchange at a rate of 100.000 points for €2. It is hard to calculate a monthly income here as the amount of points you get varies. I estimate that you can get like €6 = $6,92 a month here. You can also do paid-mails if you’re into it. But I’d recommend you to not use your standard e-mail address for registration if you plan on doing that.

So yeah, nobody can know by now if all of the autosurfing websites are legit, but there’s no harm in giving them a try as they have the potential to earn you a total of $128,83 per month including the last two. You can do this from all over the world, you just need internet and a device, where you can leave those websites open. You don’t need to run them 24/7, just do as much as you like, but even 12 hours a day will bring you in a decent $60 without any effort. It is also very likely that there will be even more websites to additionally boost your farming income in the future. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to win here!

I hope you enjoyed this guide. Happy grinding.

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