Social Life Book. Presentation. #SLB

What: Social Life Book — autonomous Arduino powered tool to easily track changes in life that you are passionate about, share it with other people, get feedback and experience other people’ passions.

Why: There is a long version of answer to this question in previous posts. Short version is: because everyone is passionate about something and because sometimes we don’t have time to experience the change and connect with other people by sharing what’s important to us. Because we need to create and keep memories and sometimes we also need social validation and approval.

How: In a nutshell this is how it works:

And so: it’s there to make, keep and share important memories.

It took the author 13 years of dedicated work to make this video. SLB can make this kind of things effortless.

And also: it’s flexible with lots of different ways to set it up, autonomous and IoT ready.

p.s. Twitter account i am using for the prototype: