Digital Printing Vs Analog Printing

Many of them were confused in choosing print methods to their printing projects. But here we provide you the basic information regarding printing technologies. Basically there are two techniques in printing. They are analog printing and digital printing. Depending upon your project requirements you can pick but each print method has their unique advantage.

Analog printing:

This printing process is simply produce a master image on a screen and reproducing it on multiple surfaces.

Different stages in analog printing:

· Separately creating a file for each and every color of printing.

· Developing screens for every file.(separate screens for every color)

· Printing is done. Each screen is used in printing in order to print each color on the surface.

· Same screen is preserved for future use.

Most popular printing techniques in this method are screen printing, offset printing etc.

Screen Printing

Disadvantages of Analog printing:

· This technique permits limited data in printing.

· Requires press-plates setup for each and every frame.

· Short-run printing is not possible.

· Wastage of ink is seen in this technique.

· Costly films are required for every frame.

· Considering limited Image size in accordance with screen size.

· Need to spend more time and skill for printing.

Digital printing:

Printing is done by transferring the electronic files to the printing machine. Here in-depth concept is conversion of electric design data in the form image with the help of dots and pixels.

Digital printing is the evolving printing technology and helps to print on many varieties of products. Importantly, digital printing has given solution to print small qualities where initially not possible via analog printing technique. It is also a perfect choice to print more amounts of variable data.

Digital Printing

Digital printing Process:

· Initially, scanning the image and converting it to digital data were done.

· Then transferring the data to printing machine and print it on required surface.

(Here from small regular printers used at home to large wide billboard printers are used as printing machines according to the project).

Advantages of digital printing:

· Digital printing requires less press-plates setup in printing process.

· It has built-in multicolor system setup and quick responses are possible.

· It made simple in each and every process at every stage i.e., providing variable data, personalization, customization and production processes.

· Mostly, digital printing is available as non-contact printing which helps to not disturb the originality of it.

· Digital data is easy to edit and modify than analog images.

· It also deals with sensitive materials with causing any damage.

· It has an advantage of printing lower quantities at minimal rates.

· It occupies less space when compared with analog printing.

· We can easily convert data to digital form by scanning and optical character reading.

· Transferring of digital file is very easy.

· Accurate color matching is possible by digital printing.

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